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Mana Prisms are one of the most common and most important currencies in Fate/Grand Order. However, the game shop’s restocking supply and events require an extraordinary amount of Mana Prisms if you want a complete collection. New and intermediate players need Mana Prisms to boost their team’s capabilities and progress through the game.

How to Farm Mana Prism in Fate/Grand Order

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get a steady supply of daily Mana Prisms. Here’s what you need to know about farming this currency:

Farming Mana Prisms Through Quests

By far, the best and most popular way to obtain Mana Prisms quickly is to farm them through the game’s quest system. There are two quest types to watch out for, but others can also be compelling.

Limited Time Quests

FGO receives plenty of event-based quests and time-limited quests. These quests are usually more than worth their investment value, especially for a player with a decent team that can grind through various enemies.

Event quests are known to provide 500 or even 1,000 Mana Prisms upon completing the entire questline and burning all the unneeded rewards in the Shop.

Unfortunately, since these quests are event-locked, they are not always available for players and can be completed only once.

If you’re looking at the fastest way to get Mana Prisms, don’t forget to check the event calendar for current and upcoming events. Each event can have a quest line filled with Mana Prism rewards, and it would be a shame to miss it.

30 AP Ember Quests

The second most plentiful source of Mana Prisms is the Ember Gathering Quest, available from the “Daily Quest” menu. Unlike other daily quests, this gathering quest can be repeated as often as you want as long as you have the AP (Action Points) to initiate it.

The 30 AP Ember Gathering Quest costs 30 AP to enter. Its rewards are slightly luck-based, but you’re likely to receive at least four 3-star Embers, among other rewards. You can also get lower or higher star Embers, but these are not as important for Prism farming.

Remember that 1-star and 2-star Embers don’t yield any Mana Prisms when burned in the Shop. Four-star Embers give you only one Mana Prism when burned (same as 3-star Embers), but they are also valuable for getting your Servant levels higher.

Since you generally get more than four 3-star Embers (which burn for 1 Mana Prism each), the 30 AP quests yield at least 4 Mana Prisms. There are no limits to how many of these quests you can take in the day apart from available AP. This limitless cycle can make it the most consistent source of Mana Prisms in the game, even if the event quest grants more.

Daily Quests

There are also 12 total daily quests separated into four difficulty ratings. You get one Mana Prism per each level of difficulty of the quest. Completing all the highest difficulty quests each day will get you 12 Mana Prisms. These quests refresh daily, meaning you’re limited to 30 Mana Prisms each day if you have the AP (and time) to complete all these quests.

Overall, daily quests are a decent source of Mana Prisms, but they also yield other rewards which can be useful. However, if you only need Mana Prisms, the 30 AP Ember Gathering farm will be faster. It also doesn’t require you to play daily.

What to Use Mana Prisms on in FGO

While few options in the Da Vinci’s Workshop allow you to spend your Mana Prisms consistently, there’s only one that stands out.

The five monthly summons you can buy from the Shop is pretty much the only renewable item you should buy. Others can usually be encountered via quests and regular gameplay and don’t benefit your progress.

Other items to buy include beneficial CEs (the Mona Lisa was an essential example), but any limited item is usually worth its price.

FGO Is About Fun, Not Farming

If you need Mana Prisms quickly, the 30 AP Ember Gathering Quest farm is the way to go; however, there’s really no rush if you’re not having fun doing it. Since the game is entirely single-player, you can take your time in completing quests at your own pace.

What will you use the farmed Mana Prisms for? Let us know in the comment section.

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