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Even though Outriders is not fully out yet at the time of writing, the developers have just announced that all of the progress made in the demo, as far as character loot, progression, experience, and more, will be transferred over to the full game once it is out. So, while many are wary of farming for legendary items while the game is in this state, it might be a great jumpstart compared to what other players will have when the full game comes out.

Farm Legendary Weapons in Outriders (Best Method)

Now, there aren’t many choices for great farming methods for legendary weapons now, but we went with the easiest and most rewarding one!

Legendary Weapon Farming – Outriders

This method can be executed either solo, or premade, but we recommend that you get one or two of your buddies to join you on your farm. The purpose is to speed up the farm, and not that it can’t be done with one player.

Nevertheless, we’re sure that many of you have guessed it, but make sure that you’re on World Tier 5. Also, go to your settings and set your auto-loot rarity to common.

This will make sure that you do not miss out on any items, and you would be surprised how much you can earn by selling the common items in the shops, which are commonly overlooked.

For your story point, make sure that you select “Confront the Altered at the Tower”. The main upside with choosing this story point is the amount of chests there are at this location.

When players have entered the game, make sure one of you goes back to collect all of the chest. So, walk backwards instead of proceeding with the quest.

Other players should look for chests and pick-up all of them while walking towards the next objective. There are many chests on this map, so do make sure that your party finds and opens all of them.

When you reach the objective, you can access the tower. Make sure that your team is there with you because there will be a hard fight here. Start the objective and defeat Gauss.

At this point, if you picked up all of the loot from the chests, you will have items for days. Sell the ones which aren’t as rare, and the ones that you don’t need.

Ideally, you’re looking at one legendary weapon or item per one hour, which might sound like a lot, but considering how easy the farm is, it isn’t that bad. After this, rinse and repeat!

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