Farm Manager 2021: How to Start Making Money Fast


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Farm Manager 2021 can be a bit of a learning curve. There are so many aspects to the game, which might make the game overwhelming at the start. But how do you progress from the beginning? What do you need? Well, in order to progress in Farm Manager 2021, you will need to start earning money as fast as possible. Doing so, might be a bit confusing. Thankfully, we made a blueprint that players can follow to kickstart their progress!

Farm Manager 2021: How to Start Making Money Fast

How to Start Making Money Fast – Farm Manager 2021

It’s important to note that players do not need to do everything according to the blueprint below. Minor changes to which plants, machines, employees, and more, might vary from sessions to session. With that said, let’s get right down to making money fast in Farm Manager 2021:

  • First off, build a road around the big house around the farm. Also, place two parking lots behind it. This will be good for future progression. Additionally, place some electric transformers on the premises.
  • Create a huge field near the house, as big as possible. Place a road going around it. Build a social gathering house near that, and some transformers here as well.
  • Choose a seed that you want to use. It could be any seed, but make sure it is easy for farming. Then, buy all the tools and machinery necessary to farm that particular seed. This will be different for different fruits and/or vegetables.
  • Now, make sure to employ a few workers. Make sure to hire people with good machinery skills, good animal skills, and also planting.
  • After you have the necessary tools and employees, you can start production for seeds, using the ‘Seeds and seedlings production’ building. Place it anywhere where it is convenient for you.
  • Start building up storage using silos. After that, consider starting a farm for animals. We choose a seed for production that can be also used to feed some animals, that way you can cut down on animal food costs.
  • The idea is to build multiple sources of income, and not just one. After building up the farm a bit more, open the market menu from the bottom of the screen, and navigate to the ‘Trade’ section. This is where you will need to be always to make profits. You can manage your whole farm just from this screen.

Obviously, there is more to making a few bucks in Farm Manager 2021. But with this, you will be setup on the right track both for progression, and early game success.

From his point onwards, build up your farm as much as possible, and more importantly, trade as much as possible.

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