Feature: Game of the Year 2019 – Pure PlayStation's Top 5 PSVR Games


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Before we get to our full Game of the Year 2019 list, we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth with a few more articles. Shameless, isn’t it? But it’s handy all the same. If you’re looking for our top five PSVR games, this article will tell you. If you’re looking for our top ten, lousy luck. We’re only doing five.
The list below is based on the votes made by the Pure PlayStation team. While some other PSVR games may have had better reviews on the site, the overall vote is what matters and that’s what dictates where each game is ranked. Without any more of my waffle, here’s Pure PlayStation’s top five PSVR games of 2019.

Feature: Game of the Year 2019 - Pure PlayStation's Top 5 PSVR Games


The Groundhog Day movie never got a sequel, and to be honest, it never really needed one. It was a one-and-done story, so it’s amazing that the developer behind Groundhog Day: Like Father, Like Son has managed to create a tale worthy of being deemed a full sequel. It’s a fantastic VR game and there’s plenty to see and do again, and again, and again, and again, and – enough. Like Father, Like Son has earned its place on our top PSVR games list, and you can read the review to find out why.

#4 – GOLEM

Golem has been years in the making, and it released to decent reviews. Our Max Taylor wasn’t overly impressed with the game and its clunky controls and unforgiving combat, but Jeremy was a big fan and gave the game a much higher score over on our sister site, Pure PSVR.
I’ve given Golem a go for myself and I guess I land somewhere in the middle. It’s an impressive feat for sure, but the controls really are unwieldy if you’re not using the PS Navigation controller in tandem with a PS Move wand. Once you’ve got the controls locked down and you know what you’re doing, Golem is a challenging game with deep combat and a touching story at its heart.

#3 – BOXVR

BoxVR holds a special place in our hearts here at Pure PlayStation. Not only is it a great workout game that gets you off your feet and moving around, but it’s also the first game where our words have graced the retail box. Honestly. Go to your local store (North America only) and you’ll see Pure PlayStation’s review quote on the front. Surely that adds to the value, no?

#2 – Sairento VR

Sairento VR is a monster of a game that’ll have you puking your guts up if you’re not careful. The developers threw all caution to the wind and did away with industry best practices by giving players the ability to run along walls, back-flip, front-flip, and every other action you’d surely avoid in VR. But it works! If you’ve got the belly for it, Sairento VR will turn you into a bad-arse ninja assassin. If you’re still new to PSVR, it might be worth taking it easy and playing with some of the comfort options to avoid puking all over your new Christmas socks. If you’re still not convinced, read our review here.


Of course, Sony London Studio’s Blood & Truth is the number one PSVR game of 2019, and rightly so. The developer did us all proud with its first proper full release on PSVR, taking inspiration from PlayStation VR Worlds’ best part, The London Heist. You get a full single-player campaign fronted by a star-studded cast, top-notch gameplay that works to the strengths of the PlayStation VR headset while minimising the disruption that comes from its flaws. It’s an almost perfect VR shooter, and all of us at Pure PlayStation are itching to get stuck into the inevitable sequel.
So those are our top five PSVR games for 2019. What do you think? Would you agree with the list? What would be on your own list? Let us know down below.

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