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Quantum Pieces, commonly abbreviated as QP, is the first currency you get in Fate/Grand Order (FGO). While you might like other premium currencies more, you can’t do anything without QP. You can get QP relatively quickly, but some methods are more fruitful than others.

FGO: How to Farm QP

If you need some fast cash in FGO, look no further. Here, we’ll take a look at the fastest ways of getting rich. You’ll also find out what items to equip for even more financial gains.

Farming QP

QP is the essential FGO currency. Without hoards of QP, you won’t be able to do basic functions, such as:

  • Level up Servants
  • Level up Craft Essences
  • Reinforce Skills
  • Upgrade Noble Phantasms
  • Ascend your Servants

If you’re QP-poor, your Servants won’t be able to get stronger, making it impossible to clear the more demanding levels of the game. Therefore, farming for QP should be an everyday chore for those who wish to reach the end-game in FGO.

With this information, let’s look at some of the best ways to farm QP in FGO.

Play Your Daily Event Quests

All your Daily Event Quests reward you with some level of QP, and you’ll already be playing them for Experience Cards. However, that’s a different mission called “Ember Gathering.” For huge QP gains, you have to pick “Into the Treasure Vault,” the mission best suited for QP farming.

“Into the Treasure Vault” comes in five difficulties, and each reward different amounts of QP:

  • Basic: around 100,000 QP
  • Intermediate: around 250,000 QP
  • Advanced: around 700,000 QP
  • Expert: around 1,200,000 QP
  • Extreme: around 1,500,000 QP

Try to play in the highest difficulty you can handle. While the more complex the mission is, the higher the Action Point (AP) cost, Expert and Extreme difficulties tend to yield the most bang for your buck. By the time you’re ready to take on the so-called 40-AP quests, easier difficulties will be a distant memory.

It’s true that the higher the difficulty, the more QP you earn. However, the exact amount you get can vary, as the figures above are merely an average. If you’re lucky, you can go beyond the average, but many players find that earning below-average figures is the norm.

If you already have enough Experience Cards and lack QP, simply play “Into the Treasure Vault” a few times per day. Actions Points replenish over time, and anyone can squeeze a few runs into the daily grind by waiting.

Playing this quest is the most reliable and efficient way out of all the methods we’ll cover. Since it’s always available, players have a consistent source of income all the time. Time-limited events only rarely eclipse the quest.

Equip Specific Craft Essences

Equipping Servants with Craft Essences is standard fare in FGO, but a few make your QP farming runs worth even more. You can supply one to your own Servant and take a friend’s Support Servant, as both Craft Essences will be in effect.

Here are the Craft Essences that increase your QP gain:

  • Mona Lisa
  • Great Detective Fou-mes
  • Bella Lisa
  • Free Seating
  • Take Romance

Mona Lisa is the only one worth discussing, as having two in the party results in a 20% QP increase. Originally a limited Craft Essence, it has been made permanently available for a long while. Nowadays, anyone can get their Mona Lisa Craft Essence at the cost of one Rare Prism.

If you have one of the others but no Mona Lisa yet, they also work as replacements until you get your own Mona Lisa.

Time-Limited Events

Most players participate in time-limited events for the unique items and other rewards. Event shops also feature QP, and sometimes, the QP you can get may exceed even the most optimized Event Quest QP farm.

However, we don’t recommend getting QP from the event shop as the first order of business. The items you can get from events are often valuable additions to your collection. Therefore, you should only exchange for QP once you have extra event currency and have nothing else to spend it on.

Sometimes, the event quests themselves are what yield lots of QP. If you notice this, you can try to farm the specific quests that reward you with plenty of QP.

Not every event lets you get millions of QP, but even smaller amounts are welcome extra income. You’ll need it for enhancing Skills or other purposes.

Lottery Events

Lottery Events have limited event quests that disappear after the period ends, but you can farm for event-exclusive currency within this period. You use this currency to roll in the event box, which is filled with plenty of rewards.

The amount of QP you can get from emptying a box varies, depending on the event. However, many event boxes have yielded a few million to billions of QP.

Emptying a box allows you to reset it and roll again. The great news is that boxes can be reset as long as players can afford them, making it a potentially lucrative way to earn more QP.

The bad news is, even if Lottery Events yield plenty of items, you only get to participate in them a few times a year. However, we can’t stress the importance of playing in the next Lottery Event when it comes. You can get a limited Servant as well as riches untold.

Burning Cards, You Don’t Need

By visiting Da Vinci’s Workshop and picking the second option, you can burn the cards you don’t need, including Servant cards. The exception is Shielder, as she’s essential to the game.

Depending on the card’s rarity and type, you’ll receive different amounts of QP and Mana Prisms. The latter is an essential resource as well. Before you get ready to burn cards, though, keep in mind that the QP you get from burning cards isn’t much.

Extra cards you can burn are:

  • Servants
  • Craft Essences
  • Experience Cards
  • Status Up Cards

While most players burn them to acquire Mana Prisms or Rare Prisms, you’ll earn some QP regardless. Rare Prisms are only available from four-star or five-star Servants, and you may not have many extras lying around in the earlier stages of FGO, so you may want to hold off lighting up these rare Servant cards.

Gaze Upon Your Coffers

Every FGO player’s daily grind involves farming for QP and other resources. Without QP, you’ll fall behind and cannot upgrade your Servants. Getting rich isn’t hard when you’re already powerful, but you may also burn through your QP equally as quickly. Fortunately, the game provides a variety of ways to refill your QP coffers.

How much QP do you have right now? Have you managed to get a billion QP? Let us know in the comments section below.

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