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Brimstone owns the longest-duration single molly ability in VALORANT – Incendiary. Let’s put it to good use for post-plant play on Fracture.

VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Fracture (Post-plant)

If you’ve been playing a ton of VALORANT games regularly, you might notice how much more common a Brimstone pick is these days in both Non-Competitive and Competitive play.

Riot Games was kind enough to give the haggard and lost Brimstone a quick yet very effective makeover for VALORANT Episode 4. After all, the VALORANT Protocol Commander’s gotta look good and set an example for his team, right?

The makeover consisted of buffs for both Sky Smoke and Stim Beacon. The former was given a much-needed deployment-speed buff, while the latter was in a hilariously broken state (Rush strats for days where everybody in Brimstone’s team ran as fast as Neon) for a few weeks before Riot bonked it with the “balance” hammer.

With the improved utility that the American Controller brings to his team, you’re going to want to learn how to utilize every single bit of his utility. For that, we have compiled some of the Best Smoke Spots and Molly Lineups that will come in handy in various situations.

Today, however, we’ll be focusing on the latter, as we’ll be looking at some of the best Brimstone Molly Lineups on Fracture so that you can use Brimstone’s long-duration Molly to secure the Spike post-plant. Let’s go!

Brimstone Incendiary

Brimstone’s Incendiary is one of the most powerful Incendiary-type Ability for stalling Spike-defuses, and enemy rushes in VALORANT.

Like all other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT, such as Viper’s Snake Bite and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, Brimstone’s Incendiary has a standard radius of 5 meters. It is decently priced at 250 Credits and has a decent Equip Time of 1.1 seconds.

What sets Brimstone’s Incendiary apart from every other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT is the ridiculous 7-second (minimum) duration. In a fast-paced game such as VALORANT, where every single second counts, Brimstone’s Incendiary is an insanely powerful stalling tool for both the Attacking and Defending sides. 

For comparison, Viper’s Snake Bite only lasts a minimum of 5.5 seconds, and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm only lasts 4 seconds. All the other incendiary-type Abilities are not worth comparing since everyone else’s molly burns out faster than Viper’s and Killjoy’s incendiary abilities.

The decently quick damage it deals towards enemies within its radius (60/second) makes Brimstone’s Incendiary one of the most damaging post-plant incendiary abilities in VALORANT.

Fracture A-site: A-Default Post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup

This is an insanely useful post-plant molly for stalling the Spike Defuse at A-Default.

Let’s face it, most of the Attacking team’s Spike plants are probably going to end up at A-Default on Fracture.

It can’t be helped since every VALORANT map’s Default plant spot is often the fastest and safest plant spot for that map, and the same is true for Fracture. 

Fracture A-site’s Default spot is the space directly underneath the A-site platform. This spot is positioned so that angles from A-Drop, A-Main, and Defender Spawn have no direct sightline towards the Spike on post-plant.

Brimstone’s Molly is a powerful tool for A-Default post-plant. It forces the defuser to abandon the defuse for seven seconds, giving your team time to creep up to A-Default and eliminate the defuser.

How to line up Brimstone’s Post-plant Molly for A-Default

  1. From A-Ropes, stand in this corner by the boxes:

2. Turn around and look towards the 10/A wall:

3. Aim for the upper left corner of the 10/A wall:

4. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Molly should land at A-Default and cover the entire Spike:

Fracture A-site: A-Platform Post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup

A-Platform is an interesting alternative Spike plant spot for Fracture A-site.

If your team has the luxury of choosing the ideal plant spot for post-plant play, then you might want to try and plant the Spike on the upper level of A-Default.

There is barely any solid cover on the A-Platform, making it a great alternative plant spot for A-site. The L-shaped walls that cover the right corner of the A-Platform can be wall banged from A-Main, Defender Spawn, and A-Rope.

And, of course, Brimstone’s Molly can easily be set up or lined up for post-plant to help with post-plant Spike defense.

How to line up Brimstone’s Post-plant Molly for A-Platform

  1. Stand in the same corner as the previous Molly Lineup:

2. Turn around and look towards the same corner as the A-Default Molly Lineup:

3. This time, aim for this corner instead:

4. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Molly should land at A-Platform and cover the entire Spike:

Fracture A-site – A-Main Post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup

Spike plant spot that’s easy to defend from A-Main.

This plant spot in the corner of the A-Default area is awesome for post-plant play from A-Main. This spot gives a direct sightline towards A-Main, but it also blocks off vision towards the rest of A-site, such as A-Ropes, Defender Spawn, and A-Drop.

The only real downside to this plant spot is that the Defending team can easily smoke off the A-Main entrance.

If you happen to be playing from A-Dish/A-Drop on post-plant, here’s a Brimstone Molly Lineup for the A-Main plant.

How to line up Brimstone’s Post-plant Molly for A-Main Plant

  1. Look for this corner at A-Dish:

2. Stand just by the edge of the rock. Make sure you don’t stand on top of it.

3. Turn around and look towards this ceiling:

4. Place the left tip of the left HUD line on this edge on the ceiling:

5. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Molly should bounce off of the A-Main roof and land at the A-Main post-plant spot:

Fracture B-site: B-Safe Plant Post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup

Force the Defending team into a tricky situation with this Safe Plant + Post-plant Molly combo.

The Best Plant Spots for every VALORANT map are usually post-plant-centric spots that prioritize post-plant play. After all, what good will a quick plant at Default bring if you can’t defend the Spike from the Defending team?

However, this corner in B-site is a rare Default plant spot that offers both a quick Spike plant and decent post-plant potential.

To assist with post-plant defense, line up this Brimstone Molly for B-Default from the safety of B-Arcade.

How to line up Brimstone’s Post-plant Molly for B-Default Plant

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Arcade:

2. Turn around and look towards the B-Tower rope:

3. Take your knife out (so your vision towards the lineup spot won’t be blocked), then place the bottom square of the Sky Smoke icon on this corner of the rope’s pulley:

4. Take out Brimstone’s Molly, then fire away:

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Molly should land at B-Default:

Fracture B-site: B-Tree Post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup

B-Tree open plant is an excellent spot for post-plant play and Brimstone Molly Lineups.

You can’t go wrong with either the B-Default plant or this B-Tree open plant for Fracture B-site.

Depending on how the round progresses, your team might end up planting the Spike in either one of these spots on B-site.

B-Tree is particularly great for both post-plant defense and flank watch. As a Defender, it is pretty easy to flank the Attacking team from either A-Halls or through the ziplines. Playing from B-Tree should help your team secure the Spike and the flanking lanes.

Since you’ve planted for B-Tree, here’s a Brimstone Molly Lineup that will help stall the Spike defuse if B-Main gets smoked off by the Defending team.

How to line up Brimstone’s Post-plant Molly for B-Tree

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Tree:

2. Turn around, then look toward this white part of the B-Main wall:

3. Take out Brimstone’s Molly, then place the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the Incendiary Mouse click indicator on the UPPER RIGHT corner of the white wall at B-Main:

4. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Molly should land at the B-Tree open plant spot:

Burn ’em up with Brimstone’s Incendiary

Admittedly, there are a ton of other possible plant spots around Fracture. However, these are some of the most common ones you’ll encounter on a game-to-game basis.

Brimstone’s Incendiary boasts the longest duration of any single molly ability in VALORANT at seven seconds. Unfortunately, with only one molly charge to work with for every round, you’re going to want to maximize the value that Brimstone’s molly ability brings to the table.

With the help of these Brimstone Molly Lineups on Fracture, you can help delay the Spike defuse on the most common Spike plant spots on the map safely.

With that said, hopefully, you enjoyed our article on Brimstone Molly Lineups on Fracture (Post-plant).

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