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Fifa 21 Patch (1.18) has arrived on April 6. This patch had already arrived for the PC version couple of days ago, and now it is available for all the consoles. For the PS4 this I version of the patch is 1.18, but if you have PS5  it is version 01.000.010. The size of this patch is 5.308 GB on PS4, and the patch size can vary depending witch console you have the game on. Bellow will be able to read the full list of changes and bug fixes for this patch.

FIFA 21: Patch 1.18 | All There is to know

Fifa 21 Patch (1.18) – Information

FIFA Ultimate Team

The following issues are addressed:

  • Squad Battles FUT Coin Skill Rewards calculation did not always display correctly at the end of the match. This issue was only visual and did not impact the calculation.
  • When unlocked Objective was still displayed as locked until the player exited and re-entered FUT.
  • In Division Rivals on the Kit Select screen, the timer could freeze for the player who confirmed the kit if their opponent was still selecting a kit.
  • Some of the ICON Moments 2D images did not display correctly on their corresponding Player items.
  • The background player models could remain on-screen even when navigating through other menus, after viewing the Captain’s Squad in a Co-Op.
  • Bid Status icons not displaying when accessing the Transfer Market tab on the Squad screen and viewing the Search Results as a list.
  • Instead of the player’s selected badge, a FUT loading could incorrectly display the default badge.
  • Not always displaying correctly messages appearing in the News tile and its menus.
  • The Captain’s club name was not visible across the stadium banners to the player invited, during Co-Op matches.
  • Regardless of when their Clubs were founded in online matches, the end of match screen displayed both players as FUT Founders. In online matches.
  • The Search Filters on the stadium tab of the Transfer Market displayed placeholder text, in some cases.
  • When selecting and deselecting favorite Live or Foundation Squad Building Challenges, the UI could become visually corrupted.
  • The in-game Game Settings screen would incorrectly list the ball being currently used, during Friendlies matches.
  • When the tile was selected, the Live FUT Friendlies UI did not always display the correct visuals.
  • Some parts of the UI did not always display correctly, after entering and exiting the News tab.
  • Stadium Themes that are based on real-world teams did not always apply correctly to ad boards in-game.
  • The Toggle List View action did not function when a Take Me There widget was on screen, on the Club tab of the Squad Screen.
  • When the My Playlist tile was selected on the FUT Friendlies screen some text incorrectly overlapped other UI elements.
  • A placeholder image that some of the badges displayed 
  • Some of the ICONT Moments 2D images did not display correctly on their corresponding Player items.
  • Messages appearing in its menus and News tile did not always display correctly.
  • When using the No Room For Racism Kit a potential kit clash could occur.

Career Mode:

  • Substitutes that entered the match were losing an unintentionally high amount of Stamina.
  • The UI did not automatically scroll back to the top when changing the sorting in the Transfer Hub and Squad Hub.
  • Not functioning correctly the qualification for the Asian Continental Cup.

Pro Clubs:

The following issue is addressed:

  • Some AI teammates could have switched positions incorrectly when the Captain changes Game Plans during a Pro Clubs match.

General, visual, and Audio:

The following changes are made:

  • Commentary lines related to David Beckham were added.

The following issue is addressed:

  • In the Match tab of the Game Settings screen some balls displayed placeholder text.    

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