UPDATE: Final Fantasy XV Disables the PS4 Share Button


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UPDATE #2: Good news! As of launch, we tested all the functions of the share button and it works! Let’s hope this precedent is set for other JRPGs who do this. Enjoy the game. 

UPDATE: Final Fantasy XV Disables the PS4 Share Button

UPDATE: Early users are reporting that the share button works for them or in some capacity. They can take screenshots but not upload videos or vice versa, or every function works except streaming or share play. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

In our efforts to review the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV for you lovely readers, we here at Pure PlayStation went through our normal checklists for such coverage and with great standards no less. One thing we didn’t see coming though (even if the demo last year did it) was the fact that Square Enix has decided to disable PlayStation 4’s share button for its latest title. If you are unaware, whether because you don’t have a PS4 or the aforementioned button blended in so well you just didn’t see it, the PS4 share features allow gamers to save screenshots or video clips and live stream from the game they’re playing, and if you’re a generous fellow with decent internet, you can even let a buddy play your game remotely via the internet. Turns out that you can do none of these things with Final Fantasy XV, though.
When we tried to share a screenshot we were told that it wasn’t possible due to the limitations of the application (FFXV). The solution it gave was to remove the content from the role-playing title but seeing how that wasn’t possible, we tried to select all the possibilities that the PlayStation 4 gives you to upload your shares to. No luck. So we tried with video clips and live streaming as well but the same message popped up on the screen. So whoever plans on picking up Final Fantasy XV, be warned that you will not be able to go through the share button with your captured experiences.
For those wondering why, one possible reason would be Japan’s weird copyright laws. Long story short, if there’s Japanese voice acting on the disc even for a localized version, it cannot be “copied or replicated” unless done in an official capacity. This is what Bandai Namco did for Tales of Zestiria last year which angered some fans. Time will tell if the even bigger, JRPG juggernaut will receive a larger response. Those with capture cards (Hauppague, Elgato, etc.) will still be able to utilize their machinery as long as the ‘Enable HDCP’ box isn’t checked in the system settings. We’ll let you guys know if this roadblock happens to be disabled come launch day but it would be the first title to do so.

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