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In Stardew Valley, you will start as someone with no prior experience in farming, but you will slowly begin to learn all the means to improve your skills, the quality of your crops, and productivity. But can your body keep up with all of the strenuous activities every day?

Where to Find Every Stardrop Fruit in Stardew Valley

A Stardrop is a fruit that can raise the maximum bar of your energy, increasing it permanently by 34 points. Once called by the game’s creator a Cosmic Fruit, it helps you get rid of the tiredness you feel the following day after working all night. Aside from consuming it, it can also be used for gifting to villagers, but be warned because it is one of those universally hated gifts. It can also be showcased in the Stardew Valley Fair Grange Display. You would probably not even consider this, but you can also sell this mystical fruit for 7,777 gold. Unfortunately, you cannot put it in a seed maker or plant it and watch it grow into a Stardrop tree.

There are only a total of 7 Stardrops you can find as you progress in the game, each hidden in different locations:

Deep within the mines

The Mines is the first dungeon you can venture into, and this is mainly where you can extract valuable resources, uncover rare artifacts, and train your combat skills early in the game. Every time you plunge deeper into the mines, you will find small rooms with a treasure chest that contains various special items inside. When you reach level 100 of the mines, open up the chest in the middle of the room and get a Stardrop fruit.

At the Museum

The Museum is where you can donate old, unknown artifacts and display them for all the villagers to see. You can also freely adjust the placement of the artifacts on the shelves however you like. Occasionally, Gunther will give you rewards for donating several artifacts. If you give him 95 items, he will reward you with a Stardrop fruit.

In The Secret Woods

The west part of the Cindersap forest has a large log blocking the entrance of a hidden area. If you have a steel ax, you’ll be able to chop it and gain access to the Secret Woods. On the left side of the Secret Woods, you will find the Statue of Old Master Cannoli. Interact with that statue, and it will say that it is looking for the sweetest taste. If you have a Sweet Gem Berry in your inventory, you may offer it to the statue, and by doing this, you could acquire a Stardrop fruit from it.

At the Stardew Valley Fair

The Stardew Valley Fair is usually held in the Town Square every 16th of Fall. It can be obtained from a shop at the fair, but getting it requires you to have at least 2,000-star tokens. You can get these tokens through scoring points in the Fishing Mini-Game, betting on the Spinning Wheel, and, most importantly, winning the Grange Display Contest.

In the Sewers

The Sewers is where Krobus, the Shadow Monster, resides. You can enter through it by opening the sewer cover in the south of Pelican Town or through the murky grates in the south part of Cindersap Forest. Krobus will sell you unusual wares such as Void Eggs, Solar Essences, and the Stardrop Fruit. To unlock the Sewers, you will have to donate 60 artifacts to the museum, and Gunther will hand you over the Rusty Key the next day.

On your Farm

Your spouse can be seen on different parts of your farm. There will come a time when they will fondly give you a Stardrop Fruit while you are talking to them. To trigger that scene, interact with your spouse every day and give them gifts until you raise their affection to 13 hearts. If you are not married and ask Krobus to move in with you, he will also give you a Stardrop once you have forged a strong friendship.

Inside your mailbox

Every once in a while, your mailbox will be filled with gifts provided to you by the friendly Pelican Town villagers. You will also receive a mail containing some rewards after fulfilling certain quests. But one of the best things you will find inside your mailbox is a package from Willy containing a Stardrop fruit. The fisherman will also generously send you this tasty power-up once you have finally caught all types of fish in existence and after being proclaimed as a Master Angler.

Acquiring all Stardrop Fruits will give you 508 maximum energy and the Mystery of The Stardrop achievement, which will be a nice addition to all the accomplishments you can earn in the game.

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