How to Obtain the Weaversong Charm in Hollow Knight


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Learn how to obtain the Weaversong Charm in Hollow Knight!

How to Obtain the Weaversong Charm in Hollow Knight

In Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, special items give the Knight special abilities and bonuses called Charms. To equip or unequip these Charms, the Knight must sit on a Bench, and the Knight must have enough unused Notches to equip them. In this guide, we’ll learn about the Weaversong Charm.

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One of the 45 Charms in the game is the Weaversong Charm, which requires and takes up two Notches. The Weaversong Charm allows the Knight to summon three Weaverlings that attack and deal three damage per hit to enemies (along with giving the lonely Knight some company). The Weaversong Charm equipped makes it easier to deal damage as the summoned Weaverlings will attack automatically, even on enemies out of the Knight’s range. If a Weaverling gets lost, for example, by losing track of the Knight, a new Weaverling will spawn after a while.


A screenshot of the Weaversong Charm's location in Hollow Knight

The Weaversong Charm can be found in the upper part of Weaver’s Den, a sub-area deep within Deepnest.

To reach the location of the Weaversong Charm, this is what the Knight must do:

  1. From the Bench at the south of Deepnest, go to the exit on the left just beyond the hot spring.
  2. Kill the Wandering Husk, jump on the platform suspended above a spike pit, jump on the platform on its right, and then kill the Husk Hornhead. Watch out as the corpses of these enemies may become a Corpse Creeper.
  3. Go to the rightmost part and jump up the platform. There you will find a Deephunter. Kill it and jump up the hole on the left. Continue on the left; you will find another Deephunter, Husk Hornhead, and Wandering Husk there. Kill all of them, jump up the vertical shaft on the leftmost part of the room, and go to the exit on the left just after the shaft.
  4. Upon entering, head left and drop down three steps, then, on the next drop, cling to the right side of the wall and use the Mothwing Cloak at the appropriate height to dash over the spikes and onto safety. Next, jump and dash again at the appropriate height to evade the spikes and get to the next platform. Drop down from the ledge and jump and dash over the spike pit. Up ahead, you’ll find another Deephunter. Kill it and proceed to the left.
  5. Next, jump and dash over the spike pit, jump up on the vertical shaft, and into the small tunnel to evade the Stalking Devout. Continue left, dash over the gap, and continue to the next area.
  6. As you enter this area, remember to watch out for the Little Weavers that appear out of nowhere. Upon entering, head left and wall-jump up the vertical shaft, and there you’ll face two Deeplings and a Little Weaver. After killing them, go up the ledge on the left, continue on the path, dash over the spike pit, and kill another Deepling.
  7. After that, continue on the path, jump and dash on to the two suspended platforms, then on to the next platform and kill another Deepling. Then, continue on the path, jump, and dash over another spike pit onto the first platform. After that, wall-jump up the vertical shaft just above that platform and continue on the path to the right.
  8. Here, the Knight will encounter a Stalking Devout. After killing the Stalking Devout, continue to the right and cross the gap by jumping and dashing to a suspended platform in the middle, then again to the next ledge.
  9. The Knight will face another unskippable Stalking Devout and then, after killing it, will continue to the right and attack the wall to reveal a path. Continue on the path, and there you will find the hidden entrance of the Weaver’s Den.
  10. Enter the Weaver’s Den and continue to the right until you reach the edge, where you’ll find a Deephunter. Wall-jump up and land on the ledge on the left. Continue on the path, use the Crystal Heart ability to cross the gap of spikes, and stop the ability by pressing the jump button when you’ve crossed the gap so you won’t go over. After that, you’ll find another Deephunter, kill it, and find the Weaversong Charm just by the platform’s edge!
A screenshot showing where to find the Weaversong Charm

As mentioned above, the Knight must sit on a Bench to equip Charms. You can head back where you went and sit on the Bench to save your progress and equip the Weaversong Charm. To return to the Bench, just exit the Weaver’s Den, continue to the left, and drop on the gap while leaning to the right so you’ll end up on the safe platform beside the spike pit at the bottom of the room. From here, continue to the exit on the right and trace back your steps to the Bench.

Equipping other Charms with the Weaversong Charm, like the Grubsong Charm and the Sprintmaster Charm, can also improve the effects of the Weaversong Charm. The Grubsong Charm, which allows the Knight to gain Soul when taking damage, also allows Weaverlings to give the Knight Soul after dealing damage.

They can also gain Soul from enemies, like Siblings or Collectors, that normally don’t give off Soul when attacked by the Knight. The Sprintmaster Charm, which increases the Knight’s running speed by 20%, allows the Weaverlings to jump further, move 50% faster, and attack enemies even farther away.

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