How To Find The Mushroom Fields Biome in Minecraft


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If you are searching for the unique mushroom fields biome, this guide will show you how to find it in Minecraft.

How To Find The Mushroom Fields Biome in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game where biomes—regions with unique geography—play a major role in a player’s game progression. There are more than a dozen biomes for players to venture, explore, and discover. And while most of these biomes are based on real-life, some defy reality altogether. One of these biomes is called the Mushroom Fields biome. Ever since the mushroom fields were added in Minecraft, players have been clamoring to find this unique biome as this is a place—albeit a weird one—where players can feel relatively safe since hostile mobs do not spawn here. Although it will be a tough place to farm for regular materials such as wood and crops, players can work their way through this predicament to make this biome as habitable as possible.

What Is The Mushroom Fields Biome?

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The mushroom fields biome is a rare solitary biome in Minecraft that only generates as an island surrounded by deep ocean biomes. Mycelium is spread throughout the biome, acting as the main ground block instead of dirt and grass blocks. This biome is made even odder by the giant mushrooms that dot its landscape. Overall, it is considered one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft to date.

How To Easily Find The Mushroom Fields Biome?

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  1. The one thing that makes the mushroom fields biome rare is the fact it only generates in the middle of the ocean. Hence when searching for the mushroom fields biome, you must always use a boat and explore the vast ocean first.
  2. The mushroom fields biome often generate in high X or Z coordinates. This means that it is most likely located very far from your original spawn point. You may view your coordinates by pressing F3 for PC users or F3 + FN for Mac users. This will show you your coodinates as well as other useful information. Take note that most mushroom fields generate in locations where at least one coordinate (either the X or the Z) is higher than 3000 in value.
  3. When rowing your boat, it is highly recommended that you proceed in a single direction. You can either go straight or diagonally. Changing directions too often might end up with you going in circles instead.
  4. You may also rely on world seeds. There are world seeds that contain the mushroom fields biome. You can use them to easily locate the mushroom fields.

Mobs That Spawn In The Mushroom Fields Biome

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The only mob to spawn on the surface of the mushroom fields biome is the mooshroom. Mooshrooms are variants of cows covered in mushrooms and exclusively spawns in this biome. They are similar to regular cows, except for mushroom drops. They can be bred with wheat and milked with a bucket like normal cows. Another mob that may spawn in this biome are bats, but they will only spawn in dark areas underground.

Fortunately, this rare biome is unable to spawn any hostile mobs. However, hostile mobs can still spawn if cheats are used. Spawners located in this biome may also spawn hostile mobs. This includes creepers, phantoms, zombies, and skeletons that normally spawn in other biomes during the night.

Resources Available In The Mushroom Fields Biome

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There are only a few resources available in the mushroom fields biome. For starters, this biome uses mycelium instead of dirt or grass blocks. Any dirt blocks placed next to it will turn dirt into mycelium, making this biome equally hard to farm crops and grow trees. And just like its name, the mushroom fields biome is covered with mushrooms. Huge mushrooms can be seen across the entire biome, acting as the alternative to regular trees. Brown and red mushrooms also grow in abundance here as this biome is one of the few biomes where mushrooms are commonly found in the Overworld apart from the Nether.

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