How To Find The Woodland Mansion in Minecraft



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How To Find The Woodland Mansion in Minecraft
class="has-text-align-justify">For those looking to conquer the woodland mansion, this guide will show you how to get there.

The woodland mansion is one of the biggest and rarest structures in Minecraft. Woodland mansions often generate at least a thousand blocks away from a player’s original spawn point. And although a Woodland Explorer Map does not always show the nearest woodland mansion, it is the best and easiest way to locate the mansion without any cheats. What makes it more interesting is that it only generates in one biome, the dark forest biome. This gives the mansion a more eerie ambiance as it is surrounded by tall, dark oak trees and hidden deep inside the forest. The thought and image of seeing a large secluded mansion in the middle of the woods would give any player goosebumps. But this mansion contains a ton of loot that players need to survive and eventually conquer the game. To do this, you must first locate the woodland mansion, and we will show you how.

How To Find The Woodland Mansion

  1. Locate a cartographer villager inside a village. The villager should have the cartography table as its job block. You may also give an unemployed villager a cartography table. Once the villager interacts with the job block, the villager will gain the profession “Cartographer – Novice“.
  2. The villager will start out as a novice in its current profession. You must continuously trade with the villager until its mastery level becomes “Cartographer – Journeyman“. A cartographer villager will most likely trade you for glasspanes, compasses, papers, and emeralds. The villager will emit purple particles when it increases its profession level. When it reaches Journeyman level, it will offer the Woodland Explorer Map in its trade menu.
  3. Next, you must purchase the Woodland Explorer Map from the villager. The villager will most likely trade you for a compass and a bunch of emeralds in exchange for the Woodland Explorer Map.
  4. Hold the Woodland Explorer Map on your hand and simply look downwards to view the map. Follow the map’s direction towards the house figure that is drawn on the map. The house represents the woodland mansion. You can use your coordinates to properly locate the direction you are heading. To open your coordinates, simply press F3 on your keyboard for PC users and FN + F3 for Mac users. This will open up an information menu containing your coordinates as well as the general direction you are currently facing.
  5. Travel and locate the mansion by following the direction on the map. Woodland mansions only generate inside dark forest biomes, hence you should generally look out for a forest filled with tall dark oak trees and giant mushrooms. Once you are inside the dark forest, it is best to climb up above the trees to have a better view of where the woodland mansion may be.
  6. When you have located the woodland mansion, go near it until you find the entrance. Make sure you prepare your weapons, armor, and food before walking into the mansion. It is also advisable to set up camp with a bed just outside the mansion in case you might die. Then when you are fully equipped and ready to go, you can then enter the woodland mansion.
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