How To Fix the Bee Drone Bug in Spider-Man 2


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Learn how to fix the Bee Drone bug in Spider-Man 2!

How To Fix the Bee Drone Bug in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games has just launched, and fans have praised the game for its massive open world and expansion of the Spider-Man game lore.

The game essentially ups the ante and brings players into a bigger expansion of New York City, and not only will they be able to control Peter Parker but Miles Morales. Both will serve as their own individual Spider-Men with unique playstyles and features; there are also missions in the game that will be exclusive to either Miles or Peter—there are even somewhere the two can work together.

Like with every new game, though, there is always a chance that there will be a bug that didn’t make it past the game testers. Some could turn out rather hilarious (like the cube bug), but some stop players from progressing in the game.

Until Insomniac releases a new patch, some players have found easy fixes to get around specific problems.

EMF Experiment Bee Drones Quests

Besides the game’s main narrative, Spider-Man (specifically Peter Parker) earns a bunch of side quests that have something to do with the Emily-May Foundation, which Harry Osborn founded. These essentially mirror the science experiment missions from the first game, where Peter has to help Harry conduct experiments for his environmental solutions.

In Spider-Man 2, multiple EMF side quests are located all over the map to have Peter solve individually, resulting in a final mission that ties everything together. They’re science-themed minigames where Peter must complete a Plant-Based, Energy Turbine, or Bee Drone mission.

The Bee Drone mission is expected to be the final quest in the series, but a player has found a specific bug that won’t let them complete the entire quest.

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The Bug

As reported by u/vrchue729 on Reddit, a bug in the game stops them from completing it. The Bee Drone missions essentially have Peter controlling a bunch of bees, and by the end of all the missions, it’s revealed that they have all been stolen in the warehouse by some kind of gang.

Peter will then log in to a stolen drone and attempt to liberate the bees, but according to the bug report, the player is supposed to get a prompt to switch to Sonic Fire. Still, the game isn’t giving the prompt—resulting in the player being unable to complete the mission.

Here’s how the mission is supposed to play out smoothly (SPOILERS AHEAD):

How to Fix the Bug

Thanks to user u/dariusppppp, though, there is a quick fix to the bug.

Simple enough, players just have to turn tutorial hints and surrounding options back on; from that point, restart the checkpoint, and the mission should work fine.

Players who have followed the advice on the thread have confirmed that the fix works for this specific bug, so it should also work for any other player who runs into the same problem.

Venom takes on Miles and Peter in promo image for Spider-Man 2

Incoming Patches

Admittedly, the bug when it comes to the EMF mission isn’t the only one that’s being reported online. There is a Reddit Megathread where players have compiled all the bugs encountered while playing the game.

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Besides the more commonly reoccurring white box bug, some have also talked about the lack of textures in the game, plus characters sometimes getting stuck in one location, unable to move.

There are also other reports of bugs similar to the Bee Drone problem, where it requires a prompt to move forward, but it doesn’t appear onscreen. The usual solution for players has been to restart the checkpoint completely, and the bug should be absent by then.

With the successful launch of Spider-Man 2, it should only be a matter of time before we get the next patch, as Insomniac has probably been keeping its ear to the ground ever since they released the game.

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