All Food Items For Breeding Villagers in Minecraft



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In Minecraft, breeding villagers does not work naturally. Villagers have a hidden willingness stat that dictates whether or not they want to breed. This hidden stat can be controlled by knowing how much food a villager has in their inventory. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly how much they currently have.

All Food Items For Breeding Villagers in Minecraft

There is a way to manipulate this stat to control when you want them to breed. And it is through giving them specific food items they need to breed. This Minecraft guide will show you which food items will provide the highest increase in their willingness stat to hasten villager breeding in Minecraft.

4. Beetroots

Beetroots are mainly obtained from a village crop plot. These are useful for villager breeding, but they can also be used for trading with farmer villagers and in exchange for emeralds. Players can trade 15 beetroots in their inventory for a single emerald for trading.

For villager breeding, a player must provide a single villager with 12 beetroots to make it breed with another villager. The best way to obtain more beetroots is to build a crop farm of your own and grow them in a place away from farmer villagers, so they cannot harvest your fully-grown beetroot crops.

3. Potatoes

Like beetroots, potatoes are another food item that makes villager breeding possible. When a player provides a villager with 12 potatoes, this fills up their food item inventory and triggers their need to breed with another villager.

As an available food item in Minecraft, potatoes are much more common than beetroot. They are 20% more likely to appear in a village farm plot than beetroots which will only occur 10% of the time—making village breeding easier for players using potatoes instead of beetroots.

2. Carrots

Like beetroots and potatoes, carrots are another breeding-friendly food item players can use to induce villager breeding. And like potatoes, carrots will also appear 20% of the time in a village farm plot than beetroots.

Having an excess of carrots in your inventory is also great for trading with farmer villagers in exchange for 22 of them for an emerald. On a side note, you may use carrots for breeding rabbits as they can be quite hard to catch and breed.

1. Bread

Wheat is the easiest crop to grow in Minecraft, as is acquiring seeds to grow wheat. Wheat farms are the most optimal crop farms you can build in Minecraft. And a good thing that can come about is that you can craft a single bread using only three wheat. Bread can be your primary food source to keep your hunger points up and your health bar full.

It is useful for villager breeding as you only need three bread to trigger their willingness to breed instead of 12 beetroots, carrots, or potatoes. Considering how easy it is to grow wheat and craft bread, it would be the best food item you can give to villagers if you want to start building an automatic villager breeder.

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