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Smoke up, and mow them down!

VALORANT: Best Smoke Spots on Split

Attacking and Defending around Split is usually a straightforward affair.

Attackers have no choice but to clench up and enter either bombsite (A-site or B-site) and hope for the best. Defenders have most of their work cut out for them since every entryway into either bombsite on Split is a narrow chokepoint that’s easy to aim towards.

Utility in VALORANT, such as smokes and their derivatives, is essential for both the Attacking and Defending sides when playing around Split. Without smokes, entering either A or B-site can quickly become fatal due to the numerous angles present upon site entry.

With a ton of angles to cover and a limited amount of smoke utility available to your team every round, it’s essential to know the best Smoke spots on Split to make site entry and site defense more manageable on Split.

This article lists the best Smoke spots on split Split for you in this article. Read on to learn more about them!

Best Smoke Spots on Split:



When, Where, Why, and How to Smoke in VALORANT

Smokes are very easy to place and use in VALORANT, so players rarely think about where, when, and why they set their smoke utility in the first place.

When you should use your smoke utility is purely situational – depending on how the rest of the round goes, you might be forced to place a smoke somewhere unorthodox to serve a particular purpose.

The questions Where and Why you place your smokes at the beginning of the round are often predetermined, and where you place your smokes only depends on which bombsite on which map your team chooses to attack or defend. 

For the Attacking side, Why you place your smoke is to reduce the enemy’s vision. On the other hand, the Defending side will smoke off lanes and angles to slow the game’s pace down. 

Then there is the question of How to place smoke utilities covered in the article How to Use Smokes Effectively in VALORANT. You should give it a good read to give yourself the best idea of putting smokes correctly in VALORANT. 

Never take smokes for granted in VALORANT. In a game where tons of angles are present in every bombsite, your team will need as much help as you can get through using your team’s smoke utility.

Best Smoke Spots on Split A-site Attacking

Attacking A-site is very tricky on Split. The initial lanes that Attackers need to push through around A-Main is a funnel that the Defending team can use.

image 630

A-Ramps are the first area that needs utmost attention upon A-site entry since it is arguably the most powerful first line of defense that the Defending team has here.

Depending on how your teammates want to play the A-site take, you can either push through A-Tower/Heaven and take control of that area or smoke off A-Ramps and make your way towards the A-site itself.

image 628

For this article, smokes are placed on A-Ramps and the rest of the supporting spots that help block off the entire A-site from Defenders outside of the site itself. Along with A-Ramps, A-Heaven/Tower window and A-Screens should also be smoked off for full A-site coverage.

image 629

Brimstone is the only Agent capable of smoking off all these spots simultaneously. However, other Controller Agents should have no problem smoking off two out of three of these spots.

With that out of the way, the best Smoke spots on Split A-site Attacking are A-Ramps, A-Heaven/Tower Window, and A-Screens.

Best Smoke Spots on Split B-site Attacking

Of the two bomb sites present on Split, B-site is probably the more challenging one to attack.

image 633

The B-site Entrance is shorter, shallower, and narrower than the one found on A-Main, making it an even more effective funnel that the enemy team can use to their advantage. Back at A-Ramps, you only have to worry about one Defender player.

image 632

From B-Main, Defenders could be lurking at the stacked boxes at the left corner, B-Backsite, B-site itself, B-Heaven/Tower, etc. – that’s a lot of angles to cover upon site entry!

You’ve probably already had a ton of B-site entry failures, which is why you’re trying to learn about the Best Smoke Spots on Split right now. Good on you!

image 631

To make B-site entry easier for your team, you will have to smoke off the following spots: B-Backsite, B-Heaven/Tower, and B-Alley.

Avoid smoking off the close right lane from B-site since the enemy team will be able to use your smokes to drop down from B-Heaven/Tower and assume positions around that area.

Of course, the point of these smokes is so that your team can enter B-site successfully and plant the Spike accordingly. After that, you’ll want to play from ideal post-plant positions, so make sure you plant the Spike at the best Spike Plant spot for Split.

Best Smoke Spots on Split Middle Attacking

Middle lanes are standard in the Tactical FPS genre.

image 624

Middle lanes are a staple, for example, in many maps in CSGO, such as Mirage, Dust 2, and Cache, to name a few. VALORANT tries its best to differentiate itself from the norm, featuring unique map layouts such as the triple bombsites on Haven and the lack of a middle lane on Bind. 

Middle lanes in VALORANT are a vital space to control for both sides. Whoever has control of the middle lane in these types of maps also has control of flanking lanes for both A-site and B-site.

image 625

For Attackers, having control of the Middle lane opens up many possibilities for site entry.

On Split, control of Middle means that Attackers can either take B-Heaven/Tower (and block off rotation lanes from Defender Spawn) or drop down into Vent’s ropes and take control of A-Heaven/Tower (and block off Defender rotations coming from B-site)

Whichever site you choose to Attack from Split’s Middle lane, B-Mail or A-Vents are the Best Smoke Spots on Split Middle. Save the rest of your smoke charges for smoking off rotational lanes towards the site of your choice.

Best Smoke Spots on Split Middle Defending

As a Defender on Split, you’re going to want to stop the enemy team from taking control of Split’s Middle lane to the best of your abilities.

image 622

The best Smoke spots on Split Middle are Mid-bottom/Ramen Entrance and the A-Sewer Entrance. Two smokes along these entryways should be enough to deter the enemy team from pushing towards the middle.

However, sometimes you might want to bait the enemy team into a more favorable position that your team can use to catch the Attacking team off guard.

Thankfully, the lane leading up to either B-Mail and A-Vents from Middle is a short and narrow stairway that you can use as a funnel/chokepoint for Attackers who dare cross the area.

image 623

If you have a Sage on your team, she will want to wall off Split’s Middle lane most of the time.

However, if your team only has Controllers with smoke utility, then a simple smoke along the top of the stairs should be enough to keep the Attacking team from taking any more space towards either B-Mail or A-Vents.

Best Smoke Spots on Split A-site Defending

Split A-site should be pretty easy to Defend from A-Ramps as long as you use the appropriate utility at the ideal spots.

image 626

For A-site, a deep smoke at the A-Main Entrance should be enough to deter the Attacking team from rushing into A-site.

As mentioned previously, A-Main is a funnel that will make it easy for the Defending team to hose down incoming Attackers due to A-Main’s narrow lane.

image 627

However, if you opt to take the fight deeper into A-site, then a smoke along the A-site Entrance should be enough to bait the enemy team into taking the Ultimate Orb or pushing through the even narrower A-Main Entrance (both of which are easy to spam through smokes).

With that said, the best Smoke Spots on Split A-site Defending are A-Main and the A-Site Entrance.

Best Smoke Spots on Split B-site Defending

When Defending, it is best to keep the Attacking team from taking space around the map as quickly as possible.

image 620

Deep smokes are underrated in the lower elo of VALORANT.

Players often place smokes at entrances and alleys when playing the Defending side. While these smokes are not bad at all, deep smokes will give your team more map control and more options in terms of positioning. 

image 621

With that in mind, the best Smoke Spots on Split B-site Defending are the B-Main Entrance from B-Lobby or B-site Entrance itself. Both should stop Defenders from entering B-Main itself, giving your team more options in terms of positioning around B-site.

Split em’ up!

Split is slightly a Defender-sided map due to the very focused and narrow entryways into A-site, Middle, and B-site.

However, through simple smokes around the map, both site entry and defense should be manageable for the Attacking and Defending teams on Split.

With that said, we hope you found this guide on the Best Smoke Spots on Split useful! Check out our article on Wallbang Spots on Split to complement the smokes spots you’ve learned in this article.

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