Forspoken Reveals the 3 Main Villains the Tantas


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For all the months we’ve had a look at Forspoken, each preview has only given us a look at the main character Frey and the magical world of Athia. Only recently did we get a look at the game’s villains the Tantas, and now we have the reveal for all three Tanta Saila, Tanta Prav, Tanta Olas.

Forspoken Reveals the 3 Main Villains the Tantas

Check them out:

With each Tanta having their own specialty, we should expect a different kind of boss fight with each one. As per the lore, the Tantas used to be protectors of Athia, but they have since been corrupted and Frey must now take them down with her newfound powers.

Tanta Sila is the Tanta of Strength, with Tanta Olas being the Tanta of Wisdom, and Tanta Prav standing in as the Tanta of Justice.

While on the surface, Forspoken looked like your typical anime Isekai, I think the more recent reveals have teased a very lush world with some creative combat options thanks to Frey’s magical cuff. With the lore slowly putting itself together, I think Square Enix could be looking at their next big IP when the game finally launches next year.

Here’s the official description for the game:

Frey is pushed to her limit in the strange and cruel land of Athia. She must use her magic-enhanced combat and parkour abilities to survive against the fearsome, twisted creatures that lurk in the Break.

Forspoken launches for PC and PlayStation 5 on Jan. 24, 2023.

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