The Last of Us HBO: Craig Mazin Explains How the Series ‘Expands’ on the Original Game



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A lot of fans are excited for the premiere of The Last of Us on HBO Max next year, but even if a lot of people are familiar with the story of Joel and Ellie, we should expect something new when it comes to the upcoming drama.

The Last of Us HBO: Craig Mazin Explains How the Series ‘Expands’ on the Original Game

In an interview with Empire, showrunner Craig Mazin explains how he and original game director Neil Druckmannn handled the adaptation from video game to television series. He says:

“Games themselves are often brilliant to play, and not at all brilliant to watch when dramatized… Neil and I always knew to ask, ‘Why are we only doing what’s in the game? What can we do to expand?’”

We don’t know exactly what they’ll be adding to the series, but some promo material has confirmed that we could be getting more of Sarah’s backstory before the outbreak, and we could also be seeing the origin of the Cordyceps (something that the original game is yet to explain).

While the mushroom zombies are interesting enough, I am more excited to see the different factions that formed during the apocalypse. We know that the Fireflies was a major presence in the first and second game, but I would like to see other factions including the WLF (Washington Liberation Front) and the Seraphites from The Last of Us Part II.

Watch out for The Last of Us when it premieres on HBO Max on Jan. 15, 2023. The Last of Us games are currently available on PlayStation.

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