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Fortnite’s Chapter 2 of the fifth season is a chapter that gave a lot of playable content for players. There are many challenges, bosses, gods, and much more that you can find and do.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: All XP Coin Locations WEEK 8

One of the weekly challenges is to find all XP coins. There are a couple of different kinds like Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Each of them has a different amount spread out across the map. Generally speaking, you will find most while battling your enemies, but if you’re having trouble consult with this guide to get all of them!

All XP Coin Locations Week 8 – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

We will cover each type of coin individually, so that you have a much easier time of navigating through this guide. Here are all of the XP Coin locations for week 8 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5:

Green XP Coin Locations

#1 West of Colossal Coliseum

The first one is located west of Colossal Coliseum, in a small village. More importantly, on the staircase of the big sign in it. Here is its location:

#2 Salty Towers

Second one is in Salty Towers, in some sort of a maintinence slash electrical unit. You should see it as it will be outside, gurded by a metal fence:

#3 North of Weeping Woods

The coins locations aren’t bound to famous land spots, as you can see that’s the case with the third one. It is located at the north outskirts of the Weeping Woods:

#4 Hunter’s Heaven

The last geen coin is in the new location called Hunter’s Heaven. It might be hard to get to this one as its positioned quite awkwardly under one of the houses in Hunter’s Heaven.

You can find it under this house:

Blue XP Coin Locations

#1 Small Lake North of Retail Row

We start of easily, just north of Retail Row, in the beautiful lake. For some, this body of water is not that apparent, as it is not that good of a loot spot.

Above the water, you should see a blue XP coin sticking out.

#2 West of Slurpy Swamp

For the second one in the blue XP coin list, you might need to get your hands dirty. The reason for this is because it is located just west of Slurpy Swamps in the dirty water. Since it is hard to locate, look at the reference picture for some assistance:

#3 South-east of Cathy Corner

The third blue coin is on the outskirts of the map. More specifically, you can find it in the south-east corner of the map.

It is located in the water, so you might have to swim a bit to locate it.

Purple XP Coin Locations

#1 East of Colossal Coliseum

East of the Colossal Coliseum, there is a crop and farm area on a hill. Go to it to find your first purple XP coin! Here is a reference picture:

#2 East of Slurpy Swamp

The second purple coin is similar to others in this list. It is not neceserrily placed in a specific location where many might pass. Instead, it is out in the open, east of Slurpy Swamp and just under Weeping Woods.

Gold XP Coin Location

#1 Stealthy Stronghold

As for gold coins, unfortunately, there is only one gold coin that you can get. It is located in the Stealthy Stronghold, in a helicopter that is crashed into a tree.

To get it, break the helicopter in order to get it easily.

These coins are a great way to increase your experience if you’re looking to level up quickly. Some of them do give a lot of XP, especially the purple and gold ones.

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