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Upwards of 40 bosses were added into the long-anticipated season 5 of Fortnite. Majority of them are interesting to interact with, with some having unique duels that you can do, and special items you can buy.

Fortnite: Best NPCs Locations – Season 5

Almost all of them are worth the time to check them out, so be sure to do so. But if you want to get a head start with the best of the bunch, we have looked at them strategically, to give you the best NPCs’ locations.

Best NPCs Locations – Fortnite Season 5

It is important to mention that we have not looked at the NPCs that will help you with quests, so some of these might be part of an objective in a quest, and many won’t.

That is the main reason that I think you should visit all of them so that you don’t miss out on potential rewards and interactions.

fortnite season 5 best npcs locations

We believe that the best NPCs in Fortnite Season 5 are the ones that will sell you some exotic weapons. These are their locations:

  • Dummy – Location: Close to Stealthy Stronghold
  • Lexa – Location: Hunter’s Heaven
  • Splode – Location: Close to Graggy Cliffs
  • Gladiator – Location: Dirty Docks
  • Klash – Location: The Zero Point

All of these will sell you one of the new exotic weapons which were added in the latest update in Season 5. Most of the weapons and NPCs are pretty good, with some having other interesting interactions you can do.

The new exotic weapons in Fortnite Season 5 are:

  • Storm Scout Rifle
  • The Nighthawk
  • Shadowtrackers
  • Boom Sniper Rifle
  • The Dub

NOTE: The order of these weapons does not correspond with the exotic weapon sellers mentioned above.

There are some honorable mentions like: Ragnarok and Bunker Jonesy. Ragnarok is located at the Viking Ship, and you can challenge him to a duel.

best npc locations fortnite season 5

If you slay him, he will drop an Epic P90 which is nice in the start of the match if you have landed at that location.

As for Bunker Jonesy, he is located both in Camp Cod and Shipwreck Cove. It is fun to go on the hunts for bigfoot, which is why I included him into the list. The hunt for bigfoot might be a part of a quest as well.

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