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The hype is real guys, and on Tuesday, March 16th we will finally be able to sink our bullets into Fortnite’s chapter 2 season 6. With the Zero Point in danger of blowing, it’s time to gear up with an array of new skins, weapons, and our very own reality log. There are a lot of exciting rumors and possible leaks floating around the web and the community can’t get enough!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Rumors and Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Rumors

Analysis of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6 teaser trailer by YouTuberAli-A may very well suggest that famed footballer Neymar could be making an appearance, this rumor is further evidenced by some thorough analysis done by a Brazilian Fortnight leaker @iannzits, whose deep-dive research has been a beacon of hope for many fans, number 10 guys, number 10!

Some evidence points to a possible re-appearance of The Monster, and we might even be getting a new related skin. Wolves could be making a comeback, only this time interaction is a real possibility, meaning they might be tameable, will they be able help us in combat, can we mount them?!

Fortnite Leak by iannzits

If you’ve played save the world you know that the array of weapons is much more vast than in battle royale, and this time around we’re gonna be getting some of that sweetness, the Black Metal Weapons, more specifically the actual Black Metal Drum, and a new bow is in the crosshairs!

Black Metal Weapons in Fortnite

Reality log and Lore

Jonsie is back with a new Reality log, with an incredible feat of evocative voice acting by Brian T. Delaney we are placed into the zone, we feel the stress and urgency this season has in store for us. Questions have arisen, who are The seven, what’s happening with the Zero Point, and what does this mean for our experience? Symbols in the teaser have made some analysts question the possibility of the resurgence of Zombies, as these images are very close to the geometrical formations apparent on the actual Zombies themselves. All we can be certain of is this season is going to be dark, and it’s going to be a banger.

Teaser Trailers And The Epicness

What a classic example of Epic Games’ brilliant marketing strategy, what do we know for sure, well, basically nothing, but the hype is most certainly real. Players all around the world have been waiting patiently for this upcoming season, and I don’t think we will be disappointed! Take a peek at what we’ve been given so far:

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