Where To Find All Intel Locations in Fortnite



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Lately, there have been some questionable challenges in Fortnite. The majority of the Fortnite community had an issue with one particular challenge though. That is the challenge on which you have to get intel from one of the characters on the map. However, a huge drawback is that not many NPCs give intel, and those that do, don’t exactly prompt you how to do it.

Where To Find All Intel Locations in Fortnite

With the new onset of challenges in Fortnite, most of them were focused on the non-player characters in the game. In order to complete this challenge, you must find the intel characters’ locations!

Intel Characters Locations – Fortnite

Each character that will give you some sort of intel, will offer a different variety of intel. The most notable one is Ragnarok, who will offer you the locations of chests for a whopping 15 gold bars.

Yes, your hard-earned gold bars have to be used in order to complete this challenge. To get some intel, a player must give a certain compensation.

Nonetheless, if you can’t find any of the intel-giving characters in Fortnite, here are all of them and their locations:

Now, depending on the drop-bus, you can go to any of these locations and get some intel to complete this challenge. Still, the process of getting some intel is a bit quirky. Here is how to do it:

NOTE: The particular example will be with Ragnarok, but you can do it with many of the characters presented in the picture above.

  1. Drop down and interact with Ragnarok.
  2. Click on “Treasure Chests” (might be a different name, depending on the character and what type of intel you will get).
  3. Then purchase some intel with some gold bars.

After this, your challenge should be completed for this week’s challenges. Like we said, the name will be different, but the intel is usually the tab on the far-right.

Even though you don’t need many of the characters to give you intel to complete the quest, we suggest trying each one, because some of the intel from some characters is particularly interesting. 

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