Fortnite: Double Barrel Shotgun Location | Season 5 Where To Find


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Want to revisit the olden double-pump days? Well, in Fortnite Season 5 you can do so by using the Double-Barrel Shotgun!

Fortnite: Double Barrel Shotgun Location | Season 5 Where To Find

It is no joke, there is a strat, that is quite like the double-pump strat which was the meta back in the day. If you use a double-barrel exotic shotgun with a tactical one, you can get the similar effect.

The main issue is that you will need to find and BUY the Dub shotgun from an NPC in-game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t spawn in chests or at certain spots in the game, exactly like other exotic weapons.

Nonetheless, you can find the NPC that will give you this shotgun for gold, and we’re proud to say that we have his location.

Double-Barrel Shotgun Location – Fortnite Season 5

There is only one spot to get the Dub, and that’s from the NPC Dummy at the famous Stealthy Stronghold.

the dub shotgun fortnite

Now, I know you all might want to know about how you can double-pump in Fortnite Season 5, so here we go:

Season 5 Double Pump – Fortnite

Before you go and buy the Dub, make sure to get a Tactical Shotgun. It doesn’t matter a lot whether it is of common or epic rarity, but the better it is the faster the switch between shotguns.

After that it is quite simple and most of you probably know, but you shoot the Dub and then immediately switch to the Tactical Shotgun and shoot again.

However, this is very fun and potentially overpowered, but make sure you land your shots, because if you miss, you might be in a bit of a pickle.

fortnite double pump 1

This strategy is far from safe, but then again, the double-pump wasn’t really a full-proof killing method back in the day.

Back to the main topic at hand, make sure to interact with all the NPCs in Season 5. There are lots of interesting things and exotic weapons you can buy.

At the time of writing, it is early in the season to see lots of players using exotics, but after farming some gold, we might see them become a viable option in the future.

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