Fortnite: All Bigfoot Locations | Season 5


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Finding Fortnite’s bigfoot might be more difficult than you imagine.

Fortnite: All Bigfoot Locations | Season 5

The main issue is that bigfoot does move around a lot, and even though we have his exact locations, if you come close to these areas, you might find that he isn’t there.

Being more of a straightshooter, I wanted to tell you that so that you can mange your expectations when starting your quest to find this beast.

Firstly, I will show you where you can find this foul creature, and you should use this map as a rough estimate of where bigfoot might be. On top of that though, I will show you a much more efficient way you can use to find him.

Bigfoot Locations – Fortnite Season 5

bigfoot location fortnite all map
Courtesy of: RandomChievos – YouTube

You might see other NPCs on the map as well. The other NPC that you see is Bunker Jonesy. You might ask why is he included, and how is it connected with bigfoot?

Aha! You can interact with Bunker Jonesy to get the exact location of bigfoot on your map. Now, it’s important to note that this cost a bit of gold but considering the reward you get from finding bigfoot, it is worth it.

In all fairness, you don’t need to use Bunker Jonesy’s intel if you don’t want to. If you are saving up some gold, not buying intel is reasonable.

In that case, you can travel to the locations you see on the map above, and hope that you find bigfoot.

In some cases, we have found him wandering around quite far from the exact location, so use something to fly around to try and locate him that way.

However, if you are buying intel from Jonesy, make sure to keep marking your map with you pin because bigfoot moves around, and the location pin that Jonesy provided you, will disappear at some point.

In theory, after marking it a few times, the pin of Jonesy will disappear, and you can use your last ping as a rough reference of where bigfoot might be. I truly wish you luck on your hunt!

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