Fortnite: Give Welcome Gifts To Aliens in Holly Hatchery | All Locations


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There were some new updates in Fortnite this past few weeks, and with week five now in session, there are a couple of legendary missions and challenges that players can complete. One of them is placing welcome gifts in Holly Hatchery. Basically, there are five locations in Holly Hatchery, and players will need to place two gifts. Below, you can find all five locations!

Fortnite: Give Welcome Gifts To Aliens in Holly Hatchery | All Locations

Give Welcome Gifts To Aliens in Holly Hatchery – All Locations Fortnite

Basically, this is part of all of that fiasco of aliens invading the new Fortnite world. So, to greet them, you can place welcome gifts only in Holly Hatchery, which is south from Believer Beach.

But in all honesty, I’m guessing most of you are here to make a quick 30K XP, not for the lore. So, instead of me blabbing until the end of time, here is how to give welcome gifts to aliens in Holly Hatchery, and all locations to do so:

fortnite give welcome gifts to aliens in holly hatchery all locations
  • First location: The first one is in the middle of Holly Hatchery, where the alien forcefield is. Find the fountain inside, and in front of it, you can place the gift.
  • Second location: The second gift spot is at the front door from the house in the top-right corner of Holly Hatchery.
  • Third location: This one is again similarly placed, at the front door of the southmost house in this village.
  • Fourth location: Instead of the southmost house, go to the most northern point in this town, and you will find the spot near a bench. Simply walk up to it and give your gift to the aliens.
  • Fifth location: In the garden behind the house from the second location in this list, you can find the gift giving spot near the doghouse.

There is no need to use all of these spots, as you only need to place to gifts to complete the challenge. But we figured it be best to give you all of them, should there be any enemies nearby.

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