Fortnite: How to Complete Consume Items Secret Quests



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There are many “well-hidden” quest and objectives in Fortnite. These so called “secret quests” are ones which you cannot find in the menu, but they count as an objective when you complete them. There are a lot of consumables in Fortnite these days, and on top of replenishing your health, they also do one other thing and that is, giving you XP. With all of the objectives for consumables in Fortnite, one can get around 300.000 XP!

Fortnite: How to Complete Consume Items Secret Quests

So, in any case, three-hundred thousand XP is a lot to pass off. Let’s get you some levels and explore how you can finish these secret quests!

Finish Food Items Secret Quest – Fortnite How-To

The objective for these quests is very easy. The objective is to consume as much consumable items as possible. The consumable items that will give you XP and finish your objectives are:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Mushrooms
  • Cabbages
  • Peppers

You will need 2-3 games to grind these out and consume as much health and shield items as possible. The premise is simple: drop-in at locations where these items are abundant.

Our advice is to drop at Catty Corner, and go visit each location with food boxes. Instead of breaking the boxes, make sure to open them regularly, since opening them will also yield some XP. So, visit all of the locations and gather as much consumables as possible.

If you don’t have any space left, leave the consumables close to the fireplace, as you will need a fireplace as well.

After you have filled up your inventory and gathered all of the consumables at Catty Corner, it is time to go to the campfire. Here, start to consume as much consumables as possible.

Make sure to grab a few grenades as well, because the campfire will not damage your shield, it will only tick damage on your health. The main reason for that is because the mushrooms also give you shield, and you can use grenades to take some shield off yourself.

Do this for a couple of games and you should complete a lot of objectives. The important consumables are apples, mushrooms, and bananas. The other objective is for consumables in general.

Another great tip is to visit cabbage fields. These will give you tons of XP if you pluck them out of the ground instead of breaking them. So, pluck-away and then consume the cabbages.

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