Fortnite: How to Find Bunker Jonesy | Season 5 Chapter 2


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With an abundance of new NPCs and a lot of new quests and content, Fortnite is as fun, if not more than ever!

Fortnite: How to Find Bunker Jonesy | Season 5 Chapter 2

Some of the quests in Season 5 Chapter 2 in Fortnite might mention Bunker Jonesy. This NPC is quite a sneaky one, and finding him might be a challenge.

Well, not so much a challenge if you have his exact locations, which I’m happy to report, we do.

He is an interesting character, you can interact with him and he will give you some quests, and intel as well. Or if you are feeling particularly social, you can have a conversation with the dude.

How to Find Bunker Jonesy Season 5 Chapter 2 – Fortnite

For now, it has been confirmed that Bunker Jonesy appears at two locations. However, we are not sure on whether or not you can find him in other places two.

The first location for Bunker Jonesy is at Camp Cod, or more specifically here:

bunker jonesy camp cod

It seems like at both locations, you will have the same interactions with Jonesy.

The second location at which you can find Bunker Jonesy is Shipwreck Hove:

bunker jonesy shipwreck hove

If you don’t know, Jonesy has actually been present from the birth of Fortnite. Nevertheless, I know how crazy that might sound, but one of the regular skins in Fortnite which is a regular man with blonde hair, well, it’s him.

Back in Season 8, there was a volcano event. Let’s just say that things got ugly, and Jonesy, along with some other characters, had to run and hide in a bunker.

Well, after some time, the bunker was opened, and it revealed a crazier version of Jonesy, i.e. Bunker Jonesy. He now has an extremely long hair and beard, and apparently has “I am a banana” tattoo on his arm.

Seems like living in complete isolation hasn’t exactly done him good. Maybe the weird interactions you get with him now are as a result of being off the grid for a while.

Nonetheless, theories are floating around an many players believe that he is either one of the gods, or at least with close relationship to them.

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