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Stepping up your Fortnite game might be as easy as selecting some good spots to land. So, are you ready to become a Fortnite god?

Fortnite: Top 5 Landing Spots | Season 5

We all know how important the location you land at is. There is no way around it, you must land in spots which will set you up for the best narrative in a match.

Where you land can impact how fast you can rotate, how much loot you get for the start, and ultimately determine whether you survive to the next circle.

With that said, we have compiled the best 5 landing spots based on loot, other players, rotate options, resources, and much more.

Top 5 Landing Spots – Fortnite Season 5

Viking Ship

If you are more of a solo player, then this spot is for you. Loot-wise, you can expect adequate loot for a solo match. Not many players know of this place, so it is great if you want to avoid fast deaths.

Resources are surprisingly good, but the main factor is Ragnarok. He will be at this location, and you can challenge him to a duel. If you defeat him, he will drop an Epic P90 which is a great start weapon, considering how shotguns are in season 5.

Ghost House

This location might be a bit crowded, but you can go for a low drop, since most of the players land on top. Five potential chest spawns, with a lot of ammo boxes, wood pallets, and a safe at the bottom.

Dirty Docks

dirty docks fortnite

Dirty Docks might be contested like the previous location, but if you are feeling confident that you can take down 1-3 players in the beginning of the match, then this place is for you.

There are more than 34 potential chest spawns, which means that you will be leaving this area with the most adequate loot in the lobby.

Because there are 34 chests, there are a lot of ammo boxes as well. There is a lot of materials in the ins and outs of the place, so resources aren’t an issue.

Rainbow Rentals

rainbow rentals fortnite

Going from 34 chest spawns to 5 might seem like a huge downgrade, and in fairness, it probably is. But this place excels at being not contested as much, and the fishing spots are the reason why it made it to this list.

Other than fish you can get some pretty good weapons from fishing, which means that this offers an alternative playstyle than the other spots on this list. Always land at the green house when you come to this location.

Rotations from here can be pretty good as well.

Ski Lodge

This is more of an honorable mention to this top 5 landing spots in Fortnite, but there is no denying that there is some good chest spawns and resources here.

There is also a bounty board nearby, so you can get the rewards from the juicy bounties. If you take one it will show the location of a nearby player.

Aim to land in the middle or bottom floors of buildings, so that you can avoid players from the top. It is much faster this way.

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