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Fortnite’s newest update introduced a wide variety of new stuff. While the launch of the update was a bit bumpy to say the least, many people were still excited about all of the new content. What was the main talking point in the community though, was the vehicle mods. Fortnite has had vehicles for quite a while now, but now, Epic has slowly started implementing new mods for them.

Fortnite: How to Upgrade Car Tires to Off Road

As of this moment, there aren’t many updates out there, except the off-road tires. However, not many are aware of how to put them on a vehicle, or use them in any way.

Upgrading to Off-Road Tires in Fortnite

Even though the Epic didn’t exactly show a blueprint on exactly how to use the mods that were implemented to the game, it is relatively simple.

To upgrade to off-road tires in Fortnite, a player needs to find off-road tires somewhere on the map, pick them up, select them in the inventory, and then throw them at the vehicle that they want to upgrade or modify.

At the moment, all of the off-road tires locations haven’t been found yet, or whether the spawns are random or set is still unknown.

Many speculate that the spawns are random, and they can mostly spawn in the car mechanic buildings around the map. The latter is true, but we’re not sure whether the spawns are random or set.

In any case, that is how simply you can upgrade your vehicles in Fortnite.

Since they’re off-road tires, they’re grippier than usual, and well, off-road is a bit more fun. Whether this would make a huge impact on gameplay, it is highly unlikely, but it always fun to have the possibility to tinker with things in Fortnite, as it makes the game much more intimate.

There have been many rumors that there will be more vehicle upgrades coming to the game, and it has since been confirmed that this is the case.

An exact ETA for the other vehicle upgrades is impossible to come by, but chances are that they might come in with the next update. Still, this is purely speculation.

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