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Whenever there is a new Fortnite update, the community always comes together to find out everything about the new content, the objectives, the new additions, and similar stuff. Anyway, the point is that most of the time, there are things which need to figure out on their own. With the newest update, we saw a lot of new content being added to the game, but let’s be honest, we’re all grinding out the objectives.

Fortnite: Play the Spire’s Message | Location

There is an objective though, which might be a tad bit hard to do.

Play the Spire’s Message at a Guardian Outpost – Location

Even though the locations are already given on the map for this objective, it is confusing finding the actual Spire’s message. That is why we mentioned that it is difficult, but playing the actual message itself is really straight forward.

There are six locations for the Spire’s Message in Fortnite. Here is the exact one:

The exclamation marks represent the actual locations for the Spire’s message. What you need to do is dropdown from the battle bus, and then land at one of these locations.

The exact spot will have some sort of a pillar there, and you should land on top of the pillar.

Landing on the bottom is fine as well, but you’ll need to get to the top in order to play the actual message. Plus, there are two chests at the top, so, at least you’re safe and strapped if anyone else lands there.

The Spire message can hardly be seen as the activation point is transparent. It will appear after interacting with it. To play the message, click the button that you use to interact.

This objective is worth 15,000 XP, and judging by how straightforward it is, it’s some easy XP that players can obtain on their grind. Only one message needs to be played in order to complete the objective, so it is really that easy.

There were a lot of things that were added with this update, not just the new objectives. Be sure to follow us for more information and guides about the other objectives with the latest update.

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