Fortnite: Illegal Restart [Solved]


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In the past few days, competitive Fortnite players have been under fire from an illegal restart warning. What constitutes this, and is there a fix?

Fortnite: Illegal Restart [Solved]

Apparently, there is a preventive feature that warns players for certain behaviors. The illegal restart warning is for those that compete in tournaments, and usually, competitive players. Sometimes, this warning will appear even to those that haven’t broken any rules.

In order to understand why this warning appears, we need to div deep into what constitutes bad behavior, and what is, and isn’t against the rules of competitive play in Fortnite.

Illegal Restart – Fortnite

Illegal restart will appear to those that compete in tournaments with alternate users, play in a few regions, or ultimately quit the game while a shakedown. This means that their team doesn’t get marked, hence why it is against the rules.

However, even though it is a good thing that there are some preventive measures for players abusing such functionalities, these days, it seems like many players are getting the warning, even though they haven’t done anything that would be considered as breaking the rules.

Thankfully, Epic Games has come out with a statement and ensured players that this is a bug or an error, and they’re working on a fix as we speak.

Competitive Play

When things like this happen in games such as Fortnite, which has a big competitive scene, it is a big deal, even though it might not seem like it. Realistically, the whole competitive vehicle comes to a halt when errors like these emerge.

It might be an exaggeration, but it does happen. Nonetheless, Epic Games has always done a good job of handling such matters quickly and effectively.

In their official statement, they also state: “…competitive activity in recent events and not in your games played today.”, in other words, that this error will appear to anyone that has broken the rules stated above, in the last few days.

illegal restart solved fortnite

However, they also say that those who have left and entered the event multiple times will also get the same warning, and for those, it is recommended that they discard it.

What to Do?

If you haven’t broken any rules, and you’re confident that this error is a mistake, then ignore this warning message. Nevertheless, if you have cheated, then you should consider what you might lose if you get caught doing it.

Fortnite doesn’t condone cheating, and those who do it, are at risk of getting their account banned.

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