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In Fortnite’s newest season, season 5, there is much content for players to enjoy, and countless of missions and objectives that offer a big amount of XP!

Fortnite: Scanners at Retail Row Locations

As the seasons in Fortnite pass, the objectives get more and more challenging. Epic have done a great job of keeping the game challenging as players get better and are much better performers. The point is that locations are much more hidden, and certain quests are hard to complete.

Like this, players keep having trouble with the objective to deploy all of the scanners at the infamous Retail Row.

Scanners at Retail Row Locations | Fortnite Season 5 Locations

Basically, all you need is to deploy some kind of scanners as part of the new season 5 story-line. Not many are sure what is their purpose or role in the story, but apparently, they’re scanning for something from Retail Row.

There are three scanners that you will need to deploy in Retail Row. We will cover each of them individually:

#1 Scanner

The first scanner is in the north-west side of Retail Row. It is set in-between the three houses that are one of the most popular in Retail Row, as they’re the longest standing ones.

Here is the exact location of the first scanner:

All you need to do is walk up to it and then hold Square or an other keybind depending on what platform you’re playing Fortnite from. It will soon spawn a scanner. At this point, one scanner is successfully deployed.

#2 Scanner

There are a couple of playgrounds in Retail Row, but the second scanner is located in the playground on the south-east side of this town, the one that is relatively close to the main road.

If you’re struggling to find the exact playground, here is a reference picture to give you more of an idea:

#3 Scanner

The last scanner from the objective is located in front of the Joeli bar and restaurant. The Joeli restaurant is located in the south-east part of the Retail Row.

The exact spot in which you can deploy the last scanner is here:

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