Fortnite: Love Potion Locations [All 3 Locations]



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In the most romantic time of the year, Fortnite has many challenges, that will send the players on Valentine-themed adventures around the map.

Fortnite: Love Potion Locations [All 3 Locations]

One of those challenges is collecting love potions for Grimble. At this moment, there is no indication about what Grimble needs a love potion, or what he intends to do with one.

Nonetheless, since it is a love potion, one could easily guess what’s the point of this mission/challenge. This is week’s 11 challenge, and there are much more romantic challenges that players will have to finish for interesting rewards.

Love Potion – Fortnite [All 3 Locations]

Players don’t need to collect all three love potions in order to complete the challenge. On the contrary, the players need only one love potion in order to finish the quest.

However, since there are three locations, players have a much easier time if they want to complete this objective. They can land wherever they want, and rest assured that they will find a love potion in one of the three locations.

The love potion in Fortnite can be found in three locations:

  • Coral Cove
  • Fort Crumpet
  • Stealthy Stronghold

Now, you might have some trouble finding them once you go to one of these spots, but that is to be expected with Fortnite.

At the moment, there are no other love potion locations found in the game. We’re not sure whether that would change in the future, or if possibly not all are found yet, but it is highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, as we said above, you only need one to complete the objective for Grimble. Since Fortnite is now mostly Valentine-themed, there are other challenges that players face, that are somewhat similar to this love potion one.

Players have to go on wild goose chases, and Fortnite has always had these challenges where players have to find a certain item that is somewhere on the map.

In any case, the rewards are appealing, and if you’re one for rewards, then completing these challenges is a must, if you want some new items, or some other compensation for your efforts!

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