Where to Find 43 & 44 NPC Characters Locations in Fortnite



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At the moment, there are upwards of 42 non-player characters scattered throughout the world of Fortnite. However, for some reason, character 43 and 44 are nowhere to be seen.

Where to Find 43 & 44 NPC Characters Locations in Fortnite

There are a couple of explanations for this, and why in the current update they weren’t added. Unfortunately, they’re not yet in the game, so we wanted to clarify that their locations won’t be revealed in this article.

There are many speculations as to which characters are planned to take the 43 and 44 spot, and we will review each one, and get to which is the likeliest. 

NPC 43 & 44 – Fortnite

As we said, there were many contenders for these two spots in the Fortnite world. The most notable one was both of the Valentine skins, Lovely and Cuddle King.

This is because these two characters were available and most notable around the time where NPC 43 and 44 should have been added. However, since Valentine’s, a lot of time has passed, and now we know that this isn’t the case.

Since the new update, there have been quite a few breakthrough by the community as to which skins the new NPCs might be.

There are three code names that are being mentioned for the next NPCs in the line. Those include:

  • CatBurglar 
  • Labrador
  • Umami

What is interesting though is the fact that for the CatBurglar NPC, there is some mention of Midas. So, most likely, this is an unfinished Midas type of skin.

Even though that’s the case though, what is unknown at the moment is whether this is a male or female skin. 

As for the Labrador NPC, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence about which NPC this will be. Some in the community have come up with an interesting Umami guess though.

Umami in other words, means savory. Since this is a taste, what products in Fortnite have a savory taste? That is mushrooms. This might be a stretch, but there is an unreleased skin in Fortnite, called the MadCap.

It is basically a blue looking mushroom, which might be a strong contender for one of these NPC spots. However, nothing here is other than speculation, so we will have to wait and see.

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