Fortnite Updating Slow: Why & How to Fix It



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Fortnite has been out for a while now. It has a unique gameplay and graphics style, but part of the reason that many players have sticked with this title is because the game gets new content quite frequently. In fact, this game is one of the most refreshed game out there right now. Since it is a competitive game, and one that wouldn’t be as fun without much content, it is only fair that it gets regular updates.

Fortnite Updating Slow: Why & How to Fix It

However, sometimes these updates can be a pain to deal with. Imagine jumping on your console or PC, only to find out that your Fortnite update is downloading really slow.

Why is Fortnite Updating Slowly?

There can be many reasons that this can happen, and most of the time is due to a bad or slow connection on the client’s side. If that is the case, try to restart your router, and use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.

In some cases, rarely, the Fortnite servers might go down, hence the slow or frozen download. If you’re on PC, then you can have some big trouble updating Fortnite.

The Epic Games client is what is considered in the community as the “worst client there is”. That might be a bit harsh, but this client is known to download updates and games slowly, and at times, even get stuck.

How to Fix Fortnite Updating Slowly?

Fixing Fortnite downloading slowly is no easy task. One of the reasons is that there is just so many reasons for why it might be downloading slowly, so the whole process is a bit of a hit-or-miss.

Like I said, one of the first things you should do is check your own connection, restart your router, and switch to an ethernet cable. If you have a relatively fast connection, check Fortnite’s official status page, to see whether everything with their servers is in order.

If there is a problem with the servers then you can’t do much about that. As for those that are downloading the update through Epic Games on PC, consider trying out a VPN, as that is the most common fix for client related issues.


Updating Fortnite is extremely slow, while a reinstall is fine?

Usually with updates, it copies and reads, writes, and deletes files, hence slow updates.

Why Fortnite is not updating on Xbox?

Might be due to many reasons, but it is usually a client-related issue. Check whether the servers are down or not.

What do I do if Fortnite doesn’t update on my phone?

Try switching between cellular and Wi-Fi, and also try to restart your mobile. If not, reinstall the game.

What do I do if Fortnite doesn’t update on my PS4?

Pause and resume the download. If that doesn’t work try a system restart, and ensure that you’re using an ethernet cable.

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