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There are different ways of leveling up a player’s experience points. Let’s take a look at each one and grab those points in no time!

How To Gain Experience Points in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where survivability and creativity go well together. And just like other games, Minecraft also has a leveling system where a player gains experience points (or EXP for short) by fighting mobs and doing other tasks. This unique system allows players to spend their accumulated points to get stronger and better items through enchanting. But to obtain awesome gear and weapons in Minecraft, players must first farm for these points. Gathering those points is not an easy feat for an adventurer, nor can it be done fast. But with enchantments such as mending, fortune, and silk touch present in the game, you’ll want to get those points as quickly as possible!

Farming for experience points is usually a lengthy process that will take days to acquire but only seconds to lose should you die in the game. It may also get tedious after a while, so players often search for better ways to obtain levels quickly. One of the best things about Minecraft is there are simple ways to earn those green orbs by simply doing everyday things such as mining and breeding. We will tackle each one and learn how to gain experience points in Minecraft.

Killing Mobs

Killing most passive and hostile mobs drop experience points along with their corresponding dropped items. Mobs will only drop experience orbs when killed within 5 seconds of an attack registered from the player. This means that the player should either deal the final blow or deal damage to a mob that dies within the next 5 seconds for them to drop experience points. Otherwise, they will only drop items. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. When killed, specific mobs that don’t drop experience points are baby animals, bats, golems, and villagers.


Mining ores that drop the resource itself rather than raw materials produce experience orbs when broken down, such as coal and diamonds. Ores that drop an ore block instead of a resource will not give experience points when mined, such as iron ore. You will need to smelt the ore in a furnace to get experience points from it. Ores will also drop experience points when destroyed by an explosion regardless if the explosion was caused by the player or not. However, ores mined with a tool enchanted with silk touch will not drop EXP points but instead drop the block itself. You will then have to place the block on the ground and mine it with a regular pickaxe to obtain the EXP points. The ore block can also be smelted in a furnace to receive EXP points.


Smelting items in a furnace drops a certain amount of experience points. Moderate amounts of points are gained through smelting items such as iron ore to iron ingot, sand to glass, and cooking food items such as raw beef to steak. The smelted item or cooked food must be taken out of the furnace to collect the experience points. Otherwise, the points will accumulate inside the furnace until it is retrieved by the player or until the furnace gets destroyed.


Successfully breeding animals will give you experience points. First, you must provide the correct food item to both parent animals to start the breeding process. You will then be able to collect the experience orbs once the parents produce a baby animal. However, the exception to this rule is that breaking eggs does not give any points even if baby chicks hatch from them.


Fishing with a fishing rod is another way to gain experience points. You will be able to obtain points the moment you reel in the fish, whether or not the fish is picked up by the player afterward. But catching fish using a bucket will not give any experience points to the player.


Trading with employed villagers for items is another good way to gain experience points. Take note you can only trade with villagers that are assigned a specific job or profession. This means that the villager must have a corresponding job block to trade with the player. Unemployed villagers cannot start trading unless given a profession first, while nitwits can never trade with the player.

Bottle o’ Enchanting

The Bottle o’ Enchanting is a unique item that acts as a splash potion mechanics-wise. However, the Bottle o’ Enchanting releases EXP points rather than providing a buff or debuff. Bottle o’ Enchanting can be obtained as loot from chests in pillager outposts, shipwrecks, and buried treasures. Or you may get these from trading with a master-level cleric villager.


For players with cheats or commands enabled, you may type in the /experience command to instantly gain experience points based on your desired amount. The command format is as follows: /experience add <target name> <amount>


Using the grindstone to disenchant gears and weapons will reward you with a certain amount of experience points. The item must have an equipped enchantment for this to work. Disenchanting will remove the enchantment from the object, thereby losing the enchantment in the process but will return the item to its original non-enchanted form.

Ultimately, the best way to farm experience points in Minecraft is to do everyday things such as gathering resources, fighting hostile mobs, and breeding animals. The key to gathering a large amount of EXP is by surviving the game. When players die, their accumulated points will drop on the ground, thus resetting them back to zero. When they return to retrieve the dropped points and items, the EXP returned to them will only accumulate to half of the original amount. Thus surviving should be a player’s priority to keep their points intact.

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