Game of the Month: April 2021's Best PS5, PS4, PSVR Games


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April was a decent month for games across all PlayStation consoles, even the PS Vita. Yes, the PS Vita is still getting new games! Check out our top-rated games of April 2021, and our eventual Game of the Month.

Game of the Month: April 2021's Best PS5, PS4, PSVR Games

7 – Star Wars: Republic Commando

Aspyr Media’s re-release of the classic Star Wars first-person shooter went over well not just with us, but with players and critics alike. It’s definitely a product of its time but it shows glimpses of a future it didn’t realise it would be a part of. Definitely worth playing if you’re curious. Read the review here.


After a few years in development hell, ALVO has finally released on PSVR and it’s not totally terrible, at least not by Jeremy’s estimation. The gameplay is fast and fun, a stark contrast to the other military shooter available on PSVR. It’s not without issues, though, as the game is a little light on content and definitely feels a little underbaked, but hopefully, updates will get it into a more respectable state. Read the review here.

5 – ScourgeBringer (PS4)

Roguelikes are a dime a dozen but truly great ones are rare. ScourgeBringer is one of the rarities and my colleague Stuart was enthralled by its exploration, combat, and progression. You’ll die a lot, obviously, but you’ll have some good fun. Mostly. Rage quitting is optional. Read the review here.

4 – Altdeus: Beyond Chronos (PSVR)

PSVR and visual novels aren’t a typical pairing but Altdeus: Beyond Chronos shows that it can work, so long as you’re actually interested in visual novels and all the drama that they bring. Yasmine sure was and her review was positively glowing with praise for this one. Read the review here.

3 – Star Wars Pinball VR (PSVR)

Pinball machines have been dragged out of the 80s and into the modern era thanks to Zen Studios’ extensive pinball games, and now they’re entering the VR space. Jeremy was on duty to ping some balls with Star Wars Pinball VR and he surprised himself by spending hours inside his headset. The in-game nerd cave full of trinkets and toys may have helped hold him there even longer… Read the review here.

2 – Sir Lovelot (PS4)

Sir Lovelot does what Mario doesn’t. He saves the princess and then gets his reward, which means rubbering up and diving in. What a problematic little trooper. I salute him. But that’s not the game’s main draw – the platforming gameplay is fantastically challenging and there’s lots of it. Read the review here.
And the game of the month for April is…

1 – What The Dub?! (PS4)

Wide Right Interactive’s What The Dub?! is our game of the month for April, because of course it is. It’s the highest-rated game we’ve reviewed this month, and possibly so far this year. It’s well deserved, too, because What The Dub?! is stupidly simple and stupidly funny, providing you’ve got the comedy chops to make the best of the game’s text-to-speech features. I loved playing this one and it’s something I’m playing at least a couple of nights a week with friends and family. It’s good fun and I thoroughly recommend that you check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you and yours are utterly devoid of humour… Read the review here.

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