GamePassport is an amazing Xbox Game Pass database


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You know that scene in Knocked Up where Seth Rogen’s character realizes his website idea — a repository for nude photos of celebrities — had already been done by Mr. Skin? That’s how I felt initially stumbling upon today after someone mentioned it on Twitter. For well over a year now, I’ve been trying to put together a really in-depth database of Xbox Game Pass titles. I wanted it to be immensely sortable. I wanted filters out the wazoo. already does all of that.

GamePassport is an amazing Xbox Game Pass database

Some time has passed, though, and now I feel… relief.

One of the rubs with being an independent publisher is that you’re trying to do a whole lot with very little time. You are a company with every department rolled into one single person. It is more than enough to create all of the content for and manage a website, never mind assemble and curate a very detailed Xbox Game Pass database.

The existence of GamePassport — which is absolutely insane in terms of what it’s pulling off — officially sets me free. I desired to build something similar because I thought it did not exist, and it was something I wanted to use. Now that I know it does, why would I try to replicate it? Why wouldn’t I just send everyone over to use that instead?

The Xbox Game Pass List on this website will remain. I will, however, be adding a link on that page to GamePassport for those who want to refine their search a bit. That is something that website is truly exceptional at.

And if you happen to be the developer behind GamePassport, and you’re willing to chat, let me know! I’d love to interview you about how the site came to be, how you manage everything, and what the reception has been like so far.

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