Round Up: Seven Big Announcements From the PSVR Showcase


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The PSVR 2 may be around the corner but that doesn’t mean developers are leaving the original headset behind. Not yet, at least.

Round Up: Seven Big Announcements From the PSVR Showcase

Sony has presented another PSVR showcase where new games were announced, old announcements were revisited, either for a deeper look or for a release date. Here’s what was announced:

Sniper Elite VR has a release date

Rebellion’s first VR-only entry in the Sniper Elite series finally has a release date and it’ll be coming to a PSVR headset near you from July 8th. That’s my birthday week. Lucky me! A new trailer was released and you can peep it down below.

Fracked got a gameplay reveal and a bunch of new details

nDreams showed off some more of its upcoming PSVR shooter Fracked in a brand new gameplay reveal video that showed off the game’s heavy action in a series of explosive shootouts.
We learned that Fracked still doesn’t have a release date (it’s releasing this summer, though) and that it doesn’t have any teleportation. All movement in Fracked is 1:1 free movement and you do it all via the PS Move wand controllers.
There are many games that use the Move wands for movement, but I’ve yet to play one that feels good. Fingers crossed nDreams has worked out a way to make it feel good.

Winds & Leaves PSVR release date is July 27th

Developer Trebuchet has announced that Winds & Leaves will release on July 27th, and the developer has also dished out some new details about the wonderous game. It’s shaping up to be one of the more interesting games for PSVR and I’m personally looking forward to this one. It just looks so chilled out. Check out the new video below.

Arashi: Castles of Sin lets you be a deadly ninja in your living room

There aren’t enough ninja games for PSVR, at least not good ones. And Fruit Ninja, while being a great game, does not count.
Developer Endeavor One is on a mission to make players feel like badass ninjas this summer in Arashi: Castles of Sin for PSVR. It looks stylish, slick, and above all else, fun. Definitely one to keep an eye out for as it releases sometime this summer.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is Survios’ next PSVR game

Survios, the same developer that brought us the excellent The Walking Dead: Onslaught for PSVR, is back with another PSVR game but with far fewer zombies. It’s Puzzle Bobble 3: Vacation Odyssey and it’s coming to PSVR, PS4, and PS5 sometime this year.

After the Fall shows off more zombie gameplay for PSVR

Vertigo Games’ upcoming zombie shooter After the Fall got a proper showing at last and we’ve finally seen some actual gameplay and gotten much more information on the zombies that we’ll be able to slay this summer.

Wanderer takes PSVR players on a time-travelling adventure

New Zealand-based studios M Theory and Oddboy announced a really exciting game for PSVR called Wanderer. It’s described as a time-travelling action-adventure game where players are sent through an alternate reality. There’s no release date yet, nor is there a release window.

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