Garena Free Fire: How to Use Chrono Character (5 Steps)


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A huge update just struck Garena Free Fire, and this game revealed its biggest collaboration yet – the Chrono character. This character is Cristiano Ronaldo, and the developers found a way to insert him into the game.

Garena Free Fire: How to Use Chrono Character (5 Steps)

He does have some unique abilities, and it is a definite viable option if you want to grind in Garena Free Fire. However, he is not as strong as some of the most powerful characters like Dj Alok and Captain Booyah.

Nevertheless, it can still be considered as a safe option, and who knows, there might be more interesting things that will come to this Chrono character in the future.

How to Use Chrono Character (5 Steps) – Garena Free Fire

To use this character is quite straightforward, however, you do need to top-up some diamonds if you want to get the one and only CR7 added to your roster.

free fire cr7

When this character was added, he wasn’t obtainable for a few days. This was their way of a tease, and to generate some hype for the character. Nonetheless, from 19th of December, 2020, players can obtain the Chrono character easily!

Without further ado, here is how to use the chrono character in Garena Free Fire:

  1. Launch Garena Free Fire.
  2. Navigate to the Store.
  3. Go to the Diamonds top-up screen.
  4. Top-up 100 Diamonds.
  5. Then, go to the event section and claim Cristiano Ronaldo – Chrono for yourself!

Cristiano Ronalno – Chrono Character Ability

This character, has the capacity to warp and bend time. By doing so, in-game, Chrono creates a forcefield around him which protects him from a whopping 600 damage from foes.

If that wasn’t enough, the developers also made sure that your movement speed increases as well. So, instead of the normal character movement speed, you will get an additional 15% move speed yourself, and 10% for your squad and allies.

free fire cristiano ronaldo

All of this will last up to 10 seconds, and it will have 50 seconds cooldown. This is all subjective, because after upgrades, the stats might vary greatly, and this ability will get buffed quite a bit.

This ability is an absolute game changer in high-intensity situations! You can turn the tables on your enemies, and potentially get some amazing plays!

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