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Bennett is a 4-star character you can get by making wishes on the Permanent and Limited Character Event banners in Genshin Impact. He was also available for purchase from the in-game Starglitter Exchange shop for a limited time.

Genshin Impact: Bennett Guide

He is a Pyro vision owner and a sword wielder whose primary role is to support his team.

Bennett suddenly became popular when players uploaded videos showcasing the highest damage they got for their characters. Bennett has always been in the team to boost those characters’ overall damage output in those videos.

This post will help you understand and guide you on building Bennett as the best support for your team.

Combat Talents

Passion Overload

This elemental skill can be executed in three ways: Press, Hold (Charge Level 1), and Hold (Charge Level 2).

benny skill 1

Given that Bennett is mainly a support character, his elemental skill is not prioritized for damage. It is used to apply the Burn status, burn Dendro shields and wooden items, and break elemental shields that are weak against Pyro. With this skill’s 5 seconds cooldown time at press execution, it can be spammed to quickly regenerate energy and have Bennett’s elemental burst ready most of the time.

Fantastic Voyage

Bennett’s elemental burst is why he shines as a support character.

benny burst 1

Casting this talent will have Bennett perform a jumping attack that deals Pyro DMG and then create an Inspiration Field. This field has two conditions:

  1.  If the character inside the Inspiration Field has a remaining HP that is equal to or less than 70%, their HP will regenerate in an amount that scales off Bennett’s maximum HP.
  2. If the character inside the Inspiration Field has a remaining HP of more than 70%, they will gain an ATK bonus that is based on Bennett’s Base ATK.
benny burst 2

At level 8, the healing amount of Fantastic Voyage is 9.60% of Bennett’s maximum HP plus 1,083. The characters inside the Inspiration Field will recover this amount every second until the remaining HP of those characters is above 70%.

If the Inspiration Field is still active and the characters inside it are no longer recovering HP, they will gain an ATK boost. At level 8, the ATK bonus that the characters get is 90% of Bennett’s base ATK.


The main thing to consider in choosing a weapon for Bennett is the Base ATK. This is because of the ATK bonus that his elemental skill gives scales off of it. Meaning bonuses from a weapon’s secondary stat and the artifacts are not calculated.

weapon festering

With those things in mind, Skyward Blade is the best sword for Bennett.

Skyward Blade

weapon skyward 1

This is a 5-star weapon with a base ATK of 608 and a secondary energy recharge rate bonus stat.

With how Bennett’s ATK buff works, you will need a weapon with high Base ATK. Aquila Favonia has a higher base ATK, but the secondary stat: Physical DMG bonus will most likely be useless for a support Bennett.

Since the priority is to have the elemental burst ready for more damage boost and HP recovery for the party, Skyward Blade is the top choice.

Festering Desire

weapon fester

This weapon is a 4-star sword, with its secondary stat being energy recharge rate bonus. Among the 4-star swords with this secondary stat, Festering Desire has the highest Base ATK. However, this weapon can only be obtained from the “Festering Desire” quest that was an exclusive event during the release of Dragonspine.

Favonius Sword and Sacrificial Sword

weapon favonius and sacrificial

These other 4-star swords are also suitable for Bennett because they have high Base ATK due to their secondary stats being energy recharge rate bonus.


Maiden Beloved

arti maiden

If you want to make Bennett focus on healing, then this artifact set is the best choice. The 2-piece set gives a healing effectiveness bonus of 15%. The 4-piece set increases the healing received by all party members by 20% after the one equipped with this set uses an elemental skill or elemental burst.

Noblesse Oblige

arti noblesse 1

For a healer and damage support hybrid Bennett, the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set is the artifact to have. It will increase all party members’ ATK by 20% after Bennett uses his elemental burst. This bonus, plus the ATK bonus from Bennett’s elemental burst, will truly boost the party’s damage.

Stats to Focus On

benny stat

Since the ATK bonus that Inspiration Field gives scales off Bennett’s Base ATK, ATK points bonuses from artifacts will have no effect. Thus, it is better to focus on HP and energy recharge rate when choosing artifact stats.

Constellation: Rota Calamitas

With Bennett’s support role in the team, his most important constellation levels are 1 and 5.

benny constellation

Constellation Level 1: Grand Expectation

This level removes the restriction on how Bennett’s elemental burst provides an ATK bonus to the party. This means that regardless of the character’s remaining HP, they will get the ATK bonus. They will also gain an additional bonus of 20% of Bennett’s Base ATK.

Constellation Level 5: True Explorer

This constellation level increases Fantastic Voyage by three, which means more HP regeneration and a higher percentage of Bennett’s Base ATK as a bonus.


Bennett’s constellation level 6, Fire Ventures with Me, will have Fantastic Voyage infuse Pyro to the weapons of melee characters inside the Inspiration Field. This is a turn-off for the majority of the players because it limits Bennett’s support capabilities. This will cause conflicts with certain character builds, especially the Physical ones.

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