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The Chasm Delvers is a World Quest Series in Genshin Impact that tells the story and details of the region called The Chasm. The said area in Lisha, Liyue, is a mining ground that has been sealed because of an unknown phenomenon that has caused mysterious accidents to the workers. This chain of world quests is also a requirement to unlock all the areas and reveal the entire map of The Chasm: Underground Mines.

Genshin Impact: The Chasm Delvers Quest Guide

This world quest will be available once you complete the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches. To start this quest series, you must talk to one of the two NPCs in Liyue Harbor. You can choose between Lan, an Adventurer standing by the commissions’ board beside the Adventurers’ Guild front desk, or Xu, a servant of the Feiyun Commerce Guild.


The Chasm Charters

1_A – (Start Option A) Talk to Lan the Adventurer.

When you talk to Lan, she will open up a topic about a commission related to The Chasm that Katheryne cannot hand out to adventurers due to the situation in the area.

Lan will ask for your help as a private request instead of an official commission from the guild. She will need you to find a fellow named Muning, a specialist sent to The Chasm, whom Lan has some personal matters to settle with.

Lan wants you to tell Muning, “You still owe Lan money for drinks. Don’t you forget that.”

1_B – (Start Option B) Talk to Xu, the Servant of the Feiyun Commerce Guild.

Xu will ask for your help to find his friend Muning, a specialist at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, who asked for financial help from Xingqiu. The young lord of Feiyun Commerce Guild agreed to help but could not deliver the Mora.

Muning works in The Chasm, and Xu would like you to help him find his friend and deliver the Mora to him.

Since The Chasm has been closed, you might get stopped at the gates by the Millelith. If that happens, Xu suggests you go back to the guild and discuss a different method of entering The Chasm.

2 – Look for Muning.

Muning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ specialist in the camp near the entrance of The Chasm.

When you talk to Muning, he will easily recognize you as the hero who has saved Liyue. He will then ask if you have the papers to explore or visit The Chasm.

3Tell Muning about the commission and then ask about the situation in The Chasm.

The great mine at the center of The Chasm has had a Seven-Star Array cast over it by the Qixing as a seal. Its focal point lies in the Bedrock Keys surrounding the area, which are connected in series to affix the energy flowing through the array.

Muning then suggests that you speak with a person named Zhiqiong and writes a certification that you can be trusted.

Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering

1 – Look for the adventurer named Zhiqiong.

Zhiqiong can be found down the path a little northeast of the camp where Muning is staying.

Zhiqiong will reveal that despite Muning’s warning that you should not wander around in The Chasm, he meant you could explore it. That anything valuable will be given to the ones who discover them as a special privilege given by the Qixing.

Zhiqiong will explain that for you to enter The Chasm, you will first need an Adjuvant made from a material known as Lumenstone. It will help you move in the dark down in the underground mines, and only those with a Vision can use it.

This Adjuvant is in a warehouse located south of where you are currently standing, and Zhiqiong wants you to bring it to get it.

2Go to the miners’ warehouse.

When you get to the warehouse, you will see that no one is guarding the place and that Treasure Hoarders are lurking around it.

3Fend off treasure hoarders.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders so that you can proceed with checking the warehouse for the Adjuvant. You will find this catalyst on a wooden table near the crates inside the shed.

After taking the Adjuvant, return to Zhiqiong.

4Tell Zhiqiong about what happened at the warehouse.

As Zhiqiong explains how the situation in the warehouse used to be, you will find out that she was the one who was supposed to guard the place, but she did not want to get tied down by that boring task. All she wanted to do was explore The Chasm like a true adventurer. 

Zhiqionng will now introduce you to the Bedrock Keys that need to be destroyed but she doesn’t know how and suggests that you look at the cage-shaped Geo elemental formation near it.

5Look for a way to destroy the bedrock keys.

Check out the cage-shaped Geo elemental formation and you will see something should be placed inside it. You will need a Geograna, which you can get from one of the jagged brown rocks that is glowing inside. Break this thing, and a Geograna will be summoned and follow you for a few seconds.

Bring it to the cage-shaped formation, and it will stay inside it. While the Geograna is inside the cage-shaped Geo formation, hitting it will release a Geo shard or crystal projectile. Now, to undo the binding and bring the Bedrock Key down, you need to have the shards hit it as it gets released from the formation.

6Talk to Zhiqiong.

Zhiqiong will tell you that the Bedrock Keys have been damaged before they arrived and that there are four more of these with bindings that you need to undo.

A map marking the location of the three Bedrock Keys will be given to you. But Zhiqiong is not sure where the fourth one is. She said it was submerged underwater in the mines when a seepage incident happened.

7Use the cage-shaped object to destroy the three remaining bedrock keys. (0/3)

For the first Bedrock Key, go to the one on the north first, as it is the closest to where you are currently at.

It is inside the cave under The Surface. A Teleport Waypoint can be found at the entrance to this cave and if you have already activated this one, you can just teleport to it.

There will be three cage-shaped Geo elemental formations that you need to power up with Geogranum and strike to shoot out.

Please note that if you have destroyed the rock holding the Geograna but failed to use it in the cage-shaped formation, you can wait for the rock to respawn and summon a Geograna again.

The second Bedrock Key can be found suspended in the cavern’s opening below. It is located southeast of Cinnabar Cliff and northwest of Tiangong Gorge. Broken wooden platforms are present around the pit’s walls, indicating a path that the mine workers once used.

Four cage-shaped Geo elemental formations for this Bedrock Key are placed on the wooden platforms at different levels. First, you must defeat the monsters near the formations to power them up peacefully.

After clearing out the area of monsters, power up and hit the cage-shaped formation on the top most area first because the Bedrock Key is suspended on that level, this will lower the Bedrock Key so that the crystal shards shot from the cage-shaped formations on lower levels will hit it.

The third Bedrock Key can be found west of the Teleport Waypoint of Tiangong Gorge, floating above a miner’s warehouse or shed.

Breaking the bind around this Bedrock Key is pretty tricky because two of the cage-shaped Geo elemental formations are also suspended mid-air. But if you look closely, wooden lifts move up and down right next to the formations. This means that aside from facing the right direction, you need to time when to hit the attack button for you to hit the cage-shaped formation.

The third and last cage-shaped Geo formation can be found inside the warehouse and can only be interacted with once you have defeated the Treasure Hoarders who have taken over the place.

These bandits are undercover Millelith disguised as Treasure Hoarders to investigate. Yanbo, the Millelith Squad Leader, revealed that they found out that the Treasure Hoarders are preparing transactions with the Fatui involving dangerous items.

Once the binding around this third Bedrock Key has been undone, return to Zhiqiong.

8Report the destruction of the bedrock keys to Zhiqiong.

This time, you can find Zhiqiong in the miner’s warehouse that she was initially assigned to guard. It is the one where you took the Adjuvant device.

While you are talking to the Zhiqiong, a strong earthquake suddenly occurs. She then wonders if the loosening of the seal is destabilizing the mountain rocks. Now you need to find and deal with the last Bedrock Key.

9Look for the final Bedrock Key.

Go to the mine entrance below the Statue of the Seven in The Chasm. You can follow the quest navigation mark on the map and look for broken mine railways in the area.

Go deep into the mine until you see a cage-shaped Geo elemental formation, and the last Bedrock Key is right in front of it.

10Destroy the final Bedrock Key.

Summon a Geograna from the glowing jagged rock nearby and use it to power up the cage-shaped formation. Strike it to send out a shard that will hit Bedrock Key.

The other cage-shaped formation is on the surface below but be careful because monsters will appear once you drop down to the area. You have to defeat 2 Geovishap Hatchlings and a Geovishap.

Once you have undone the binding around the last Bedrock Key and destroyed it, the array seal on The Chasm will dissipate the area underground and can be accessed and explored.

11Follow Zhiqiong to the camp.

Go with Zhiqiong back to the camp by the entrance of The Chasm and talk to Muning.

Muning will scold Zhiqiong and hold you both responsible for whatever happens now that the array sealing The Chasm has been removed.

Zhiqiong will then inform you that your next goal is to reach the deepest level of The Chasm to map it and investigate the source of the anomalies. She will also welcome you to the Chasm Exploration Team and introduce you to its members.

Chasm Exploration Team Members:

Khedive – a scholar specifically called in from Sumeru whose specialties are ores and biology.

Jinwu – in charge of safety and ensures repair and maintenance of any facilities used by the team.

Taliesin – a bard from Mondstadt who insisted on coming down the mines as part of the team.

Zhiqiong – the hands-on surveyor who helps scout the way forward and draw maps.

Chasm Spelunkers

1Enter the mines of The Chasm.

Now that the Bedrocks Keys have been destroyed and the seal on The Chasm has come undone, it is time to venture into the depths below.

Go to the marked spot and ride the lift leading you down the first level of the mines, where you will meet Jinwu. She will warn you and Zhiqiong about something unfamiliar she is sensing and how the Lumenspar has weirdly grown down there.

2Investigate the Lumenspar near the camp.

Go near the Lumenspar to investigate it.

Jinwu is alarmed that the Lumenspar appeared so close to the surface. These things are rocks that were affected by some outside force, underwent some kind of transformation process, and formed into strange crystals.

Get the Lumenstone Adjuvant and see how it reacts with the Lumenspar. Junwu will then suggest that if you come across more of the strange crystal, you can bring it to her so she can process it and make it useful for your exploration.

Now, Zhiqiong will mention a person they call “Uncle He,” who is their senior in the mines and one of the people who went missing when the Chasm miners were dispersed. Jinwu feels like he’s still alive and continues to search for him. She will ask for your help investigating the areas where he was sighted before disappearing in hopes of finding some clues there.

Zhiqiong will continue the deeper parts of the mining caverns.

3Look for clues as to Uncle He’s whereabouts. (3 spots)

The first spot to investigate is the area with broken platforms by the path just ahead of where Jinwu is. Look for two wooden crates on the left side, and on them is a Diary Fragment, which is the clue you need.

The other two spots to investigate are the campsite and the old structure down in the mining site. You will encounter hilichurls and Treasure Hoarders, so be ready to fight.

The clues are fragments from the diary of Uncle He, and the said pages will give details of what he witnessed down there. He wrote about some strange black magma that was oozing out of the depths of the earth and that seemed to have attracted some elemental lifeforms. It can also be read from the diary fragments that are going near the black “magma” that caused Uncle He to experience negative effects. Still, standing close to some crystals significantly reduced the negative effect.

Once you have collected clues from the three locations, go back and tell Jinwu what you found.

4Tell Jinwu about what you’ve discovered about Uncle He’s whereabouts.

Jinwu will note three things—black magma, Lumenstone, and mushrooms, which she finds familiar but weird. She will then suggest you do not linger in the area and head to the team’s campsite.

5Go to the exploration team’s camp

Jinwu will mark the location of the current campsite of the exploration team. Go to it and look for Jinwu, who will then tell you she can help you turn raw Lumenstone into more effective Adjuvants, so be sure to collect them along the way.

After the conversation with Jinwu, the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel part of the map will be unlocked and revealed. The Chasm: Underground Mines special feature will also be unlocked. It is the enhancement of the Lumenstone Adjuvant, which will give you rewards such as Adventure EXP, enhancement ores, Mora, and more.

6Look for Zhiqiong, who went off on her own.

Now that you have completed your investigation about Uncle He, try to catch up with Zhiqiong as she continues mapping the underground mines. She will be on a wooden platform with a broken bridge east of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel.

7Talk to Zhiqiong

When you find Zhiqiong, you tell her how Jinwu is worried about her due to how unsafe the underground mines have been for the lack of maintenance. However, she doesn’t want her exploration to be stopped by the standard safety talk and would instead do her work with so much adventure.

Zhiqiong will then change the topic and show you the terrain he is currently studying. She is having a problem and would like to ask for your help because some strange stuff is blocking the way ahead. She will request samples or pictures of whatever is blocking the way to send it to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Adventurers’ Guild.

Zhiqiong will hand you a map indicating two spots that she needs you to check out. She will also note that she found tracks of Treasure Hoarders in the said areas.

8Complete Zhiqiong’s commission.

This commission that Zhiqiong needs help with involves investigating the environs underground and taking pictures related to the mud. Two locations need checking.

Commission Sub-Quest 1: First Miasmic Contact

a. Head to the investigation site of the first anomaly.

The first location is south of Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel’s eastern Teleport Waypoint. From it, you can see the quest marking right across but on a higher platform level. You can get to it by climbing the platform around the cavern wall or gliding to the base of the opposite platform and getting your jump boosted up by the Sproutrock.

The marked spot is an entrance to a cave that leads to an area covered with dark magma.

Stand on the designated spot and take a photo of the strange dark substance spreading around the cave walls and ceiling.

A Pyro and a Hydro Abyss Mages will spawn in the area. The influence of the dark mud attracted these monsters making the area a lot dangerous. Defeat the Abyss Mages to proceed with the investigation.

b. head to the investigation site of the second anomaly.

The second spot is just a few meters past the dark mud, so you can just glide your way to it. 

Upon arriving at the spot, there seems to be something strange, but Zhiqiong is pretty sure it was there. You will also notice someone moving deeper into the mines, but you don’t know who.

Since there is nothing there, you decide to return to the exploration team’s camp.

Commission Sub-Quest 2: Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits

a. Go to the campsite that Treasure Hoarders have occupied.

The campsite you need to visit next is located north of The Chasm: Main Mining Area. You can teleport to the nearby Teleport Waypoint and glide your way down to the platform right across the Teleport Waypoint. 

When you get near the exact spot, you will see that the Treasure Hoarders have imprisoned someone.

b. Clear out the Treasure Hoarders in the miner’s camp.

You need to defeat 4 Treasure Hoarders before proceeding to the next part.

c. Save the person trapped in a cage by the Treasure Hoarders.

After defeating the bandits, open the wooden cage and release the person inside.

d. Talk to Clitopho.

The man you just saved is a former Treasure Hoarder named Clitopho. He was caught selling fake medicines, and now he was kicked out by the group of bandits.

Clitopho will ask you to bring him with you, offering his skills in making explosives. Zhiqiong doesn’t seem to trust Clitopho but agrees to take him and have Jinwu decide what to do with the former Treasure Hoarder.

e. Go to the second occupied camp.

The next area to check out is south of The Chasm: Main Mining Area. You can just glide down to it from where you saved Clitopho.

f. Clear the Treasure Hoarders from the miner’s camp.

Just like the previous location, this camp is lurking with Treasure Hoarders, therefore you need to once again defeat the said enemies and clear the area.

g. Examine the giant cannon in the depths of the tunnels.

After defeating all the Treasure Hoarders in the miner’s camp, you will notice a giant cannon in the area. Go and examine it.

Upon checking, Clitopho confirmed that the cannon is in good condition, like someone maintained it even after the mine was sealed. You will need this cannon to destroy the large rocks that have sealed off the tunnels ahead. However, you still need to find cannon shots to use the device.

h. Go to the storehouse in which the cannonballs are stored.

Zhiqiong will point out a store room nearby where you should find cannon shots. That is if some were not moved away when the miners were dismissed.

The store room is just a few meters west of the giant cannon.

i. Talk to Zhiqiong.

You found the store room, but the gate that closes is locked and needs two keys to open. You don’t know where and how to find the keys, and the only option is to go back to the exploration team’s camp and ask Jinwu if she has any idea.

9Return to the exploration team’s camp.

When you arrive at the camp, Zhiqiong will talk to you and share how Jinwu is quite the famous figure down at the mines, like how she helped to guide the Millelith search parties. Zhiqiong will then look for Jinwu and talk to her yourself.

The Heavenly Stone’s Debris

1 – Talk to Jinwu.

When you talk to Jinwu, she will recognize Clitpho and tell you the details of what he has done outside the mines. Despite this, she will still give him a chance and ask what he can do for the team.

After learning that the former Treasure Hoarder can make explosives, Jinwu will tell him that the group needs a demolition team and that Clitopho can take the role. But he can only be an official part of the team once he has proven his worth.

Zhiqiong will then fill Jinwu in about the path to the lower levels, the “Mountainator,” and the missing keys to the store room. Jinwu will confirm that the said keys are hidden separately in two different water filtration devices and mark the locations for you to investigate.

2 – Look for the two keys to the gunpowder storehouse. (0/2)

When you check the map, you will see that the water filtration devices are located just east of the campsite. You can glide to the nearest one and start investigating.

For this first location, the key is hidden under a vase that is on top of the barrel, which is the filtration device. Break the vase and you will find the key.

The second area is a cave and will be lurking with Treasure Hoarders that you have to defeat first. The key will be hidden under a pile of rock on the left side of the tent beside the filtration device. Dig the spot and a Geo exploding barrel will appear. Hit this barrel to explode, and you will see the key.

3 – Go to open the door to the gunpowder storehouse.

Now that you have the two storehouse security keys, return to the store room and open it.

4Look for a cannonball.

When you get inside the storehouse, Oozing Concretion will fall from the ceiling and dark mud spreads all over the room. Along with it are large Geo Slimes that are affected by the undesirable substance making them stronger.

Use the Lumentsone Adjuvant to clear out the dark mud in the room and weaken the Geo Slimes. Defeat the monsters and then take the set of cannonballs.

5 – Bring the cannonball back to the camp.

Return to the exploration team’s camp in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel and give the cannonballs to Clitopho.

Upon checking, the cannonballs cannot be used because the Geo-catalytic elements within the fuses have all turned into strange, inert blue crystals. The anomalies down in the mines must have affected the fuses, rendering them useless.

6 – Make 3 special unmoving essential oils.

Clitopho said he could make a simple fuse for the cannonballs. Still, he will need a vial of Unmoving Essential Oil with double the usual density because a double-density potion, he claims, can serve to catalyze an elemental explosion.

Clitopho will hand you a formula for crafting the essential oil he needs and ask you to prepare three special unmoving essential oils. Use the crafting bench behind Clitopho to start making the essential oil. You will need Cor Lapis and frogs as materials.

7 – Give special unmoving essential oils to Clitopho.

After crafting the special unmoving essential oils, hand it over to Clitopho so you can start making the fuse. Clitopho will then mount the fuse onto the cannonball for it to be usable again.

Now that the cannonballs are ready, you can go back to the “Mountainator” and use it. Zhiqiong, still untrusting with Clitopho, will decide to go with you again.

This part of the quest will reveal new areas on the map. The Serpent’s Cave and the Underground Waterway are now on the map.

8 – Go to the signal observation point.

Before you can use the cannon, you need to release the safety of its breach by activating the signal lamps and setting them to the correct frequency.

Head to the signal observation point, where you can also find the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide. It is on a desk on the platform just below the Teleport Waypoint north of the Chasm: Main Mining Area.

9 – Read the signaling guide.

Reading the Safe Blasting Device Signaling Guide will reveal clues that say:

“Low lamp post, high-frequency flicker.”

“Middle lamp post, low-frequency flicker.”

“High lamp post, low-frequency flicker.”

These lines meant the flicker frequency that each lamp needed to be set to release the safety on the cannon’s breach.

You can now observe the signal lamps to their locations.

10 – Release the safety on the cannon’s breach.

After observing the signal lamps, you should be able to pinpoint their locations.

The closest one to the observation point is the high lamp post. Activate it and set its signal flicker frequency to low.

The second one is also situated on a wooden platform in the middle lamp post. Activate it and set its signal flicker frequency to low.

The last one is the low lamp post, and it is situated in front of a tent on the ground and is contaminated with an Oozing Concretion and dark mud. Clear the anomaly using the Lumenstone Adjuvant so you can proceed with your task. Activate the last lamp and set its signal flicker frequency to high.

11 – Load the cannonball together with Zhiqiong.

Now that the safety on the cannon’s breach has been lifted, you can use the “Mountainator.” Help Zhiqiong in loading the cannonball.

12 – Use the great cannon to destroy the sealing rocks.

You can now use the device to break the stone that is blocking the path ahead. Properly align the Mountainator and fir it.

Once the wall is broken, you will unlock an achievement titled “Maintain Safety Distance.”

13 – Go further in.

Now that the path is clear, you can continue exploring deeper down the mines. Enter the tunnel and go further in until you get to the Teleport Waypoint.

You are now in a huge underground cave where the miners dug up a large floating crystal. When it was discovered, Lumenstone started springing up like mushrooms within The Chasm. Zhiqiong will mention three strange devices around the floating crystal and suggest you investigate them.

Stony Halls will appear on the map in this part of the quest.

14 – Activate the mechanism. (0/3)

As suggested by Zhiqiong, you investigated the three strange devices and found that you can power them up. However, Oozing Concretion has contaminated the area and the mechanism with its dark mud, preventing you from recharging it.

Clear the dark substance using the Lumenstone Adjuvant and then recharge the mechanism. You will need 3 Lumenstone Energy to activate the mechanism, and monsters will appear near them, so be prepared to fight.

15 – Defeat the emerging monsters.

After activating all three devices, the floating crystal thing will glow much brighter, and an Abyss Lector will appear to attack you.

Defeat this enemy to continue.

After defeating the Abyss Lector, the white light that the floating crystal had been collecting from the devices exploded, and the crystal fell and bore a hole deeper into the earth.

16 – Talk to Zhiqiong.

Following what had just happened, you notice that Zhiqiong doesn’t look well, so you convince her to go back to the team’s camp and take a rest.

Perils in the Dark

1 – Take the path that leads more profoundly.

The crystal that fell created a hole that led deeper into the ground. You should jump into it and follow where this new path leads.

You will land in an area with a dark fog at the center and above it, upside-down ruins of a city.

2 – Examine the dark fog in front of you.

Go down near the fog and investigate it. Monsters will spawn, so be careful.

When you reach the dark fog, it seems like it is covering something, but you can tell what the fog is preventing you from going near it.

3 – Look for clues near the dark fog.

Walk around the dark fog until you see an Oozing Concretion. Clear this substance out using the Lumenstone Adjuvant to see what is under it.

You will find a Fatuu’s Journal, which includes logs that could be the clue about the dark fog that you need.

4 – Read the logs.

Fatuus’ Journal Logs:

“…Staff Sergeant Anton has discovered a large bell to the southeast. The rock walls have “their” script all over it…”

“…This is very similar to the large bell that the Captain discovered in the ruins to the northwest. Perhaps…”

“…We dispatched Snezhevna and Fadeyka to ring the two bells in their respective corners…”

“…As the terrifying tolls reverberated through the stone, the black fog dissipated. What a strange phenomenon… it’s almost like the bells were announcing someone’s arrival…”

“…Ten were lost, two vanguard squads took immense damage. The Captain ordered a retreat…” 

(A simple map falls from the diary. The map marks out the two bells in the northwest and the southeast, with two ominous skulls to go with them.)

The southernmost portion of the map gets revealed following this part of the quest.

5 – Ring the two bells on either side of the ruins. (0/2)

After reading the log and finding the map inside the journal, go to its locations and ring the bells.

The northwest bell is on a tower ruin. You need to activate four light braziers before you can ring the bell.

However, ominous dark mud contaminates the area, and you need to break the purple rocks around the braziers, causing the contamination. You can do this using the Blooming Light from the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

The first time you clear the ominous dark mud, Shadowy Husks will appear to attack you and contaminate the area with ominous dark mud once again. Defeat these monsters, and the dark mud will be removed, allowing you to ring the bell.

The southeast bell is inside a tower ruin, and to get to it, you need to solve a simple puzzle to open the gate that is locking it away.

The said puzzle involves two stone structures, a Luminous Seelie and a switch mechanism. The stone structure will light when something illuminates close to it, and you need to light these two simultaneously. 

To do this, have the Luminous Seelie move right next to one of the stone structures and then stand next to the other.

When this is done, the seal around the switch will be lifted, allowing you to open the gate to the ruin.

Inside the ruin, the marked spot where the bell is supposed to be, you will find an Oozing Concretion spreading ominous dark mud and a Ruin Grader that has been affected by the dark substance. 

Remove the Oozing Concretion, the ominous dark mud, and the ominous effect on the Ruin Grader using the Blooming Light from the Lumenstone Adjuvant. After this, defeat the Ruin Grader to get it out of the way.

Ring the second bell.

6 – Approach the dark fog.

Once you have rung the two large bells, return to where the strange dark fog is and approach it.

7 – Defeat the Abyss Lector

It will dissipate when you get near the dark fog, and two Abyss Lectors will appear—the Violet Lightning Agnar and the Fathomless Flames Egill.

You need to defeat these two, so be sure to have characters in your party that use strong elements against Pyro and Electro.

During the fight, the Abyss Lectors will ask who you are, why you have come, that the area should not be trespassed, and will call sinners.

8 – Pick up the object that the Abyss Lector left behind.

After defeating the opponents, an unknown object will be dropped, and you need to investigate it.

You will also unlock the achievement “Birth Pains of the Dark Fog” right after.

Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?

1 – Talk to Zhiqiong up ahead.

After taking the Curious Cube, Zhiqiong will call for you, saying that the campsite in the southern part of the underground mines has been set up. 

Meet up with Zhiqiong and talk to her.

The team came through a hidden mine on the western side that happened to let them get around the areas infested by the black matter. This is how the exploration team was able to get ahead of you.

2 – Go to the camp with Zhiqiong.

Follow Zhiqiong to the new campsite location. Follow the path that leads deeper into the mines, and you will get there.

3 – Talk to Zhiqiong.

Once you get to the new campsite, find Zhiqiong and talk to her again. 

When you hand over the map of the two strange bells, Zhiqiong will incorporate this new location into the map she is drawing. Showing her the Curious Cube you got from the Abyss Lectors will remind her of a gate she found deeper down with a symbol similar to the cube.

According to Khedive, the Curious Cube could be a Key to a Stony Hall and can probably be used to open the said gate. Thus, your next task is to check that gate and see if the cube can be used on it.

Completing this part of the quest reveals The Glowing Narrows on the map.

4 – Go to the gate that Zhiqiong mentioned.

Head to the gate Zhiqiong mentioned, which can be found on the narrow path northwest of the Glowing Narrows.

When you get to the gate, Zhiqiong, who said he would stay behind, is already waiting for you to open it.

5 – Open the gate.

Use the key to a Stony Hall to open the gate.

6 – Go within the gate to investigate.

Now that the stone gate is open, you can continue exploring the area that that tunnel leads to.

Going further deep into the long tunnel will take you to a huge cavern with a large floating crystal that resembles a pillar similar to the one floating above Dragonspine. A purple-blackish aura that looks similar to the dark mud seems to bind the crystal.

A nearby Strange Stone Stele has engravings that show the map of the cave and pictures that have something to do with the floating crystals. It shows that the big crystal has five weird devices around it and warns of a super big worm. 

Completing this part will reveal the last area of the map and unlock the achievement, “Perilous Plunge.

7 – Purify the large crystal. (0/5)

As indicated in the stone stele, five devices are spread around the big crystal’s cave. You need to activate the said devices to purify the big crystal. You can follow the dark smoke connected to the crystal to see where the devices are located.

You can activate the devices using three energies of the Lumenstone Adjuvant. Once activated, be sure to have at least one energy on the Lumenstone Adjuvant and stay a good distance from the device for it to recharge. 

Monsters will appear and lurk around the devices, so be prepared to fight. Do not worry about the Lumenstone Adjuvant not having enough energy because there will be light sources around the area that can be used to replenish the energy of the Adjuvant.

8 – Strike the large purified crystal.

Now that the five devices have been activated and recharged follow the next step indicated on the strange stone stele: strike the big floating crystal. 

Go near the big crystal to strike it with a melee attack.

9 – Defeat the monster lurking in The Chasm’s depths.

Striking the big crystal caused it to release a strong and bright light, and right on the surface below, a giant mechanical worm emerged as if the light summoned it. 

Now, you must defeat Haftvad the Worm, the Giant Digging Device of the Lost Realm.

Like all other machine monsters, the Haftvad the Worm has a very high resistance to physical attacks, which means characters that can spam elemental attacks are the most effective characters to use against this giant worm.

Also, make sure to have the Lumenstone Adjuvant equipped. Oozing Concretions will periodically get summoned, and you need to clear them out before the giant worm machine absorbs power from it.

When the monster only has 10% remaining HP, an unknown person will shoot an arrow at the big crystal, causing it to release the energy that allows it to float, fall, and hit the giant worm, killing it.

 As the crystal recovers its energy, it will float to its original position.

10 – Return to the camp and talk to Zhiqiong.

You concluded your exploration of the area after the giant worm gets buried under the debris caused by the falling of the big crystal.

Now you need to return to the exploration team’s campsite and tell Zhiqiong what you found past the stone gate.

You tell Zhiqiong about the big crystal, and the taint on it has been removed, assuring her that ominous dark mud should be back underground in no time.

11 – Report back to Muning

Since the exploration team’s initial survey of the underground mines has been completed, you should head back to the surface.

Zhinqiong asks for you to say hi to Muning before leaving the Chasm.

When you arrive at the camp by the entrance of the Chasm, you immediately tell Muning about the things you found and encountered. He will thank you and share the good news about your payment and how the Chasm Exploration Team will become an official part of the Huishan Hall.

Completing this world quest series will unlock the achievement “Exploration Underway.”

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