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The Chasm’s Bounty is a world quest in The Chasm, a region in Liyue. This quest involves a miner and will have you witness the mysterious and somewhat creepy phenomenon occurring in the underground mines.

Genshin Impact: The Chasm's Bounty Quest Guide

In this side story, a miner from Liyue Harbor has somehow gone missing, and seeing as the Chasm is a dangerous place, you decide to help look for him.

How to Unlock The Chasm’s Bounty Quest

This quest is not readily available once you unlock The Chasm. You still need to complete the world quest “Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?” which is part of the quest series The Chasm Delvers. The said quest series will give you complete access to The Chasm: Underground Mines and NPCs that belong there and their corresponding world quests.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Talk to Muning.

When you approach the Ministry of Civil Affairs specialist, he seems distressed about a person who did not show up. After asking him what the problem is, Muning will tell you that a miner from their camp went missing.

The Chasm has a complex environment. Though things have stabilized a bit lately, it is still dangerous deep inside. So they made it a rule to take a headcount every morning and evening. However, Qi Ding – the guy who never misses a chance to brag about his daughter – was absent last night. Other miners said they had just met him during the headcount and that he might return soon. So Muning just let it go.

But this morning, Qi Ding was still nowhere to be found. Other miners looked evasive, so Muning pressed them for an honest answer. It turned out that Qi Ding had not returned the whole night.

Only Ministry personnel knew that before The Chasm was sealed, a strange rumor started among miners that something in The Chasm could “make their wish come true.” These miners were warned to report to Huishan Hall should they encounter anything unusual. Yet some miners tried their luck and went looking for “The Chasm’s Bounty” in secret and went missing.

When some of the missing miners were found, they all went insane. It took quite some time for them to recover. After the incident, the Qixing decided to seal The Chasm. Now, it seems like it is happening again with Qi Ding.

Muning asks you to help look for Qi Ding, and he will put up some missing person posters. If there’s anything noticeable about Qi Ding, there’s always a strong gunpowder smell on him, maybe because he used to be on the demolition team.

Step 2: Search for Qi Ding, the missing miner.

There will not be any markings on the map to help you find Qi Ding, but if you explore The Chasm: Underground Mines, you will find him around the Nameless Ruins.

In the southern part of the Nameless Ruins, there is a path that leads to a space. You will find Qi Ding there staring at the upside-down city.

Step 3: Talk to Qi Ding, the miner at The Chasm.

Qi Ding says there is something in the area that he must find and that he will not return unless he finds it.

The lost item is a doll that Qi Ding went through a lot of trouble getting for his daughter. It is expensive, and every time the Feiyun Commerce Guild had it in stock, Qi Ding always missed his chance to purchase it because he was in the mines.

Qi Ding’s daughter is such a considerate and sweet child – she knows they are not well-off, so she never tells her father what she wants. But when she saw another kid holding the same doll, she had her eyes fixed on it. So Qi Ding asked a friend to buy one from the Feiyun Commerce Guild and send it to the mine. Qi Ding has been carrying it with him in case he gets lost. But he did lose it this time. The miner says he can always earn money to buy another doll, but he has already written to his daughter to tell her that he is purchased the doll she wanted.

You decide to help Qi Ding find the doll, but he must return to the camp with you first.

Step 4: Take Qi Ding to the adventurer’s camp and talk to Jinwu.

When Jinwu asks Qi Ding where he has been, the miner will tell him how he has been looking for his toy. Jinwu says Qi Ding has always been a steady and dependable person. Being trapped down the Chasm has made him emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

Qi Ding will be sent to the surface to recover, and you promise to find his doll. Jinwu then warns you and asks that you please exercise caution when you go down. She also tells you that it is not a big deal if you find the doll or not.

Step 5: Help Qi Ding look for the lost doll.

Qi Ding marked one of the areas he went to, and this one was a cliff east of the Nameless Ruins.

When you get to the area, oozing concretions spread ominous mud and Rifthounds crowd around a box.

Step 6: Defeat the Abyss creatures near the box.

Use the Lumenspar Adjuvant to cast blooming light and clear out the dark mud and the buff monsters obtained from it.

A healer is recommended when facing Riftwolves because they can inflict a status where all the characters in your team will lose HP over time.

Step 7: Examine the strange box.

Go near the wooden box and inspect the suspicious object.

The object is a dampened wooden chest that smells of gunpowder, identical to that of Qi Ding. He could have left the doll in this chest, but it is not here. Upon looking around, you notice some messy footprints around the chest.

You also found a sheet of paper in the chest that looks like it was torn out of a notebook.

The writing on the paper goes:

“…I ran into that rock again. I bet it has to do with the sealing of the mine.”

“…Now that she’s landed a job at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, she needs money on many fronts. I can’t afford to have my work interrupted as it was two years ago when they closed the mine.”

“…Qi Ding, for your daughter’s sake, you have to blow that rock up!”

If Qi Ding was the one who brought the gunpowder, what was he trying to blow up?

Step 8: Look for the source of the voice.

After checking out what is inside the suspicious box, you hear a sound asking if you want to know where the doll is.

When you look behind you, you find a little girl who introduced herself as Qi Nan, the daughter of Qi Ding. Her father is very busy in the mines and usually comes home only once every month, and Qi Nan misses him; that is why she is down here.

Qi Nan believes that everything will be fine if she can go down into the mine. When she is in the camp, she will be with her father daily; he can take care of her and protect her.

You tried to convince the little girl to go to the camp, but she insists that if her father finds out, he will get so mad that he will not allow her to come out and play again. She then reminds you of the doll you are looking for and claims she knows where it is.

Step 9: Look for the doll in the place Qi Nan indicated.

Qi Nan suggests that you follow her as she brings you where to find the doll. The spot is north of the Nameless Ruins, by the path that leads to the underground Waterway.

When you get to the spot, there will be Riftwolves near Qi Nan waiting to attack you.

Step 10: Defeat the Abyss creatures near Qi Nan.

Right next to Qi Nan are a Rockfond Rifthound and two Whelps she is playfully cheering on. These monsters will attack at the sight of you.

Again, a healer is recommended when facing Riftwolves because they can inflict a status where all the characters in your team will lose HP over time.

Step 11: Talk to Qi Nan.

After defeating the monsters, Qi Nan tells you they are playing with her. They have been trying to catch her but failed each time.

The kid then tells you where the exact location of the doll is.

Step 12: Find the lost doll.

Follow the path that leads to a cave.

You will find the doll ragged by the water on the left side of a concrete stairway.

After picking the doll up, you notice that the little girl is nowhere to be found.

Step 13: Bring the doll back to the camp and pass it to Qi Ding.

Fast travel to the teleport waypoint on the surface to get to the first camp at the entrance of The Chasm.

You find Qi Ding and, surprisingly, Qi Nan on the surface.

When you talk to Qi Ding, he seems to have forgotten about what he asked your help with. He apologized and revealed that something must have affected him while he was stuck in The Chasm. He felt like he was in a daze and only recovered a bit after being sent back up.

Qi Ding originally planned to blow up the “Wish Granter,” which explains the gunpowder you found. Wish Granter is what the miners call the floating crystal pillar in the deepest cavern of the underground mines.

Before the mine was sealed, a few miners who went into it said they found a Wish Granter that grants whatever wish you might have. Some miners went insane because of it, which led to the Qixing sealing the mine. Qi Ding ran into it again recently and thought if the underground mines got sealed because of it, he would lose his job again and take poorly paid gigs at the harbor.

Such a thought made Qi Ding decide to blow up the Wish Granter. But after he went down, the closer he got, the more intense his headache grew. He could not even think straight and also saw something, which he brushed off as just a hallucination. He would have been in dire peril if you had not shown up.

When you gave Qi Ding the doll, he said his daughter no longer needed the doll since she is all grown up now. He just thought throwing such an expensive doll away would be a waste, so he carried it with him as a talisman. However, he lost it a few years back when they evacuated the mine in a hurry.

Since The Chasm is far more dangerous than Qi Ding thought, he decides not ever to go down there again and cancel his plan to work a few more years as a miner in The Chasm while his health allows.

This conversation with Qi Ding further confirms what Muning said about Qi Nan being all grown up and busy working at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. When you point to Qi Nan behind, the little girl is no longer there. This kind of freaked Qi Ding out, and so he decided to go home right away.

Step 14: Tell Muning about Qi Ding.

Muning had already heard about what happened to Qi Ding and his plan to no longer work in the mines. When you told him about the Wish Granter, Muning did not believe you. He thinks that the weird occurrences have got to do with the depressing atmosphere in the mine and that anyone could develop some mental issues down there.

When you tell Muning of what you saw in The Chasm, he suggests you pretend you did not see anything.

Quest Rewards

For completing this world quest, you will receive:

Primogem: 30;

Hero’s Wit: 3;

Adventure EXP: 250;

Mora: 30,000;

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