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A Treasure Hoarder at the top of The Chasm claims to be from the Guhua Clan. Is he crazy, or is he just lost? Or is there some other secret that lies behind this situation?

Genshin Impact: A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past Quest Guide

A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past is a world quest in Genshin Impact that happens in Liyue, particularly the Chasm. It is also one of the Reputation-Related Quests or tasks that you need to complete in order to receive reputation points and complete all the items on the tasks list.

Quest Location

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The location to get this world quest is the top of the highest peak of Cinnabar Cliff in The Chasm. The easiest way to get to the spot is to teleport to the Statue of the Seven in the region, walk north to get to the lowest point of the cliff, and then walk south to get to the top of the cliff.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Pick Up the flowers.

When you get to the top of the cliff, you will see a man who looks like a Treasure Hoarder. He is Tang Wuchou, The Smaragdus Brave, and when you talk to him, he will ask you why people covet his great Glaze Lily garden all day long. He then warns that if any thieves dare approach, he shall surely have them taste the might of the Guhua Clan’s martial arts.

Tang Wuchou is surrounded by some flowers, 2 Qingxin and a Flower of Farsight. Pick up all the flowers to have the man react, which will trigger the quest.

NOTE: Flower of Farsight is one of the items needed to complete the world quest, The Millennial Mountains.

Step 2: Talk to the man on the cliff.

After picking up the Flower of Farsight, Tang Wuchou gets angry and calls you a lowly folk. He sarcastically asked if you do not see that the flowers are kept by someone, and how dare you pick them so casually. He did not plant the flowers, but he claims he found them and has kept them safe.

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Tang Wuchou said he even swore in his heart that he shall care for these flowers and create a lovely and great Glaze Lily garden, far from the strictures and standards of the norm. I got you, and Paimon confused because the flowers are actually Qingxin, so making a Glaze Lily garden out of them would be impossible.

The Treasure Hoarder started laughing and said that you are just trying to shake his will. But he cannot be fooled by such shallow trickery because he is a true disciple of the 320th Guhua Clan generation. When you asked if the Guhua Clan really had that many generations of pupils, Tang Wuchou took it as an insult to the long and venerable history of the Guhua Clan and got even angrier.

Step 3: Defeat the self—proclaimed Guhua disciple.

Tang Wuchou, the self-proclaimed Guhua Hero, starts attacking you, and you have no choice but to defeat him to calm him down.

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Step 4: Talk to Tang Wuchou.

After a few beatings, Tan Wuchou apologizes and begs you to stop attacking. Contrary to his claims, his martial arts skills are a complete wash. He then said that with his many long years of training, he still would not be your match, all the same, that “a fine sword for a fair hero,” and asked you to take the flower which he still calls a Glaze Lily.

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When asked if he really is from the Guhua Clan and if he knows some guy called Xingqiu, Tang Wuchou could not recall anyone of the name. He even wondered how such a knave could be allowed to sully the Guhua name by claiming to be its disciple.

When asked for proof of his claim that he is from the Guhua Clan, Tang Wuchou proudly showed a jade pendant he had on his waist. He said the jade pendant was sold to him by an old friend when they parted, and that was when he decided in his heart that it should become just such a hereditary treasure.

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Tang Wuchou shared that since he began wearing this jade pendant, he feels a dull headache every time he practices martial arts. The first time he wore it, an Adeptus came to him in a dream and taught him the secret arts of the Guhua Clan. The Adeptus, as he claimed, even said that it was fated that the pendant should have come into his possession.

To this man, the pains he feels in his head are merely growing pains, signs that his consciousness is expanding. That they are signs that his thoughts and his will are growing stronger. He started laughing again and accused you of actually wanting the pendant but was too afraid to ask. Thus, you seek to use this so-called “problem” as an excuse.

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Tang Wuchou suggests that if you want to take the jade pendant from him, you should exchange it for something of equal value. Like a gem the size of a pigeon egg or something.

Step 5: Trade with Tan Wuchou to get the jade pendant.

Paimon believes that it’s the weird pendant thing that’s made this guy believe that he is a Guhua disciple, and it’s also driving him nuts. If he keeps wearing that pendant and stays this far from the ground, something terrible will happen to him for sure.

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Taking advantage of how Tang Wuchou seems unable to tell right from right or good from bad, she suggests giving him a few Bird Eggs. She even told the guy that it was a gemstone the size of a bird’s egg. Tang Wuchou agreed, took the pendant off, and passed it to you.

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When you got hold of the jade pendant, you noticed that it was filled with Geo energy and realized it was actually a Smaragdus Jadeite. It is something that Doctor Baizhu said is not all that good for people who don’t have a Vision.

Tang Wuchou revealed that his friend, who they call Old Chou, has made so many other ornaments the jade to boot. He works in the jade industry and can now be found near The Chasm. If that person is still selling ornaments made from Smaragdus Jadeite, many people could be put in harm’s way.

Step 6: Find Old Chou.

Old Chou can be found just below the cliff. He is in the old warehouse in Cinnabar Cliff, just across the wooden bridge that connects to the center of The Chasm’s Maw.

Step 7: Talk to Old Chou.

When you talk to Old Chou, you show him the jade pendant you got from Tang Muchou and ask if he sold it. Old Chou immediately recognized that the piece of jewelry was the one he had sold his friend and said he knew from the start that this one was different from the others.

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Old Chou said that at the time, he had wanted to sell it for a pretty sum, but it caught Tang Wuchou’s eyes, and so he begged and cajoled Old Chou until he sold it to him on the cheap.  He then confirmed that there is only one of it and even wished he could pull a second one.

You then explain that the material is filled with elemental energy. If someone without a Vision is in contact with it, they will experience changes in personality and start talking nonsense day in and day out. You let Old Chou know that Tang Wuchou believes himself to be a great hero of the Guhua Clan and that he spends his days behaving all crazy.

a cliff side heros past 016

Old Chou felt guilty for having doomed Tang Wuchou. They were both Treasure Hoarders once but decided to part ways after making a pretty sum at The Chasm. He does not know where Tang Wuchou went off to, but he said he was found by their former companions. They threatened him and forced him to buy the low—quality jewelry they make here and sell it in Liyue.

He said he had to lower the price so much that he was practically losing Mora on sales. That he basically used up all the Mora he made in their previous job. But it seems like those fellows have finally woken up to the idea that they might sell the base materials for a better price. However, they have recently not come to look for Old Chou.

a cliff side heros past 017

Old Chou has buried all his valuables in the dirt in the vacant area beside the warehouse. This is to do a little business and earn a little Mora. And as an apology for what happened to Tang Wuchou, he offers to let you dig for treasure once. Whatever you find, you can give to Tang Wuchou as compensation.

Step 8: Dig for treasure once to get Old Chou’s compensation gift.

Go to the vacant lot beside Old Chou’s warehouse, where you can find 20 holes in the ground.

Select one hole and dig what’s buried in it. If you are lucky enough, you will find treasures. Selecting any hole to dig will give you the Bag of Ornaments, which contains decorations that look ghastly.

Step 9: Show Old Chou what you dug up.

The Bag of Ornaments seems to have reminded Old Chou of something. He then explained that they were made by the Treasure Hoarders and proved just about as popular as their makers. But if nothing else, they’re still made of genuine materials, so you can still cut those gems out and sell them for a pretty sum.

a cliff side heros past 020

Old Chou now asks that you give the bag to Tang. And if you have the time, he invites you to come around and dig for some more treasure.

Step 10: Tell Tang Wuchou about Old Chou.

You tell Tang Wuchou about Smaragdus Jadeite and give him Old Chou’s compensatory gift.

a cliff side heros past 021

After seeing what’s inside the bag, Tang Wuchou assumes that Old Chou is trying to fool him. He even went on a rant saying that the jade pendant made from Smaragdus Jadeite cost him lots of Mora and that he even kept contact with those sneaky Treasure Hoarders after supposedly washing his hands off the business.

His long-time grudge for Old Chou had him thinking that he might just have to cut him down for it. But Paimon snapped him out to reality, asking that he call himself a hero thinking that way. She then told him that Old Chou does not have anything to do with the Treasure Hoarders anymore and that he has opened a store to let people try their hand digging for treasure.

a cliff side heros past 022

The self-proclaimed Guhua disciple responded by revealing that Old Chou used to pull that trick to get Mora for wine. For the treasure hunt, the better the goods, the more explosive barrels there will be around it, and vice versa. He said Old Chou is deathly afraid that someone will get their hands on the good stuff, so he set the rules so that the game ends once you dig up one explosive barrel.

a cliff side heros past 023

When you tell him that he is just let you keep going this time even if you dug them up, Tang Wuchou thinks that maybe there is some goodness left in his old friend’s heart. He then promised to look for him later with two jugs of wine next time and have a chat with him.

Post-Completion Updates

  • Once you complete this world quest, you will unlock the achievement: “Jack of No Trades – Get to know the story of Tang Wuchou, hero of the cliffs.”a cliff side heros past 024
  • You will also complete one item on the Reputation-Related tasks that increase your reputation in Liyue.a cliff side heros past 025
  • Completing this quest will also have the post-quest update of the Missing Miner world quest available.
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