Genshin Impact: Where the Dandelions Find Rest Quest Guide



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The third and last world quest for the quest series titled “The Very Special Fortune Slip” will be about continuing your special mission as an unofficial member of the secret organization Shuumatsuban. The Dandelions Find Rest is the title of this last mission, and it starts with you needing to revisit Ms. Momoyo in her safehouse and ask for updates.

Genshin Impact: Where the Dandelions Find Rest Quest Guide

However, you will only find two Fatui Skirmishers when you get inside, and you have to defeat them as soon as possible.

wdfr 001

Upon defeating the enemies, you realize that Ms. Momoyo is nowhere to be found, but Paimon will notice a strange smell in this safe house. You will then take notice of some powder on the ground, which is similar to the elemental powder you used to track Lyudochka.

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Use your Elemental Sight to see and follow where the elemental traces lead to.

The traces of elemental powder will lead you to the path outside, going north to Araumi.

Continue following the elemental trail up to the ruin and then go southwest into an abandoned house by a cliff.

You will come across several enemies along the way, so be prepared to fight. Although, you just run past and ignore them if you do not want to spend time defeating them.

wdfr 009

Once you get to the abandoned house by the cliff, go and enter it like a special domain.

Right when you get in, you will hear a Fatui Sergeant and a Ronin talking about how they are interrogating Momoyo. You will also find out from them that they did believe that the corpse that Momoyo made was of Lyudochka.

wdfr 011

The next action to take is to take down these gossiping enemies.

Now, find your way through this domain to get to an underground cell where Momoyo is most likely locked up.

wdfr 010

On your way to the next room, right before the closed door, pick up the amulet on a small shrine. You will need to collect three of these for you to be able to unlock a larger door later.

wdfr 012

In the next room, you will see a metal gate on the floor, which can be opened and closed by pulling the lever on the wooden column next to it.

The area next to the one with the metal gate floor will have stairs down a dark area below.

wdfr 015

You will find a few Nobushis here, and you have to defeat them.

wdfr 016

At the end of this dark area, there will be a cart and a Fatui banner next to a torch. And on the wooden column between them is a lever that will drop down a ladder from above when you pull it.

wdfr 017

This part is easy to miss and will cause you to take more time in this domain than you should.

Climb up the wooden crates and then up the ladder until you get to a room where you will find a shrine with the second amulet.

wdfr 018

There will also be another Nobushi that you have to defeat before picking up the amulet.

Go back to the area with the metal gate on the floor and open it. Drop down, and see the last shrine with the third amulet.

wdfr 019

However, there will be another Nobushi and an Anemoboxer Fatui Skirmisher that will attack the spot. Defeat them first before you can continue with your business.

Take the third amulet and knock on the wooden door next to the shrine.

wdfr 020

Momoyo is behind this wall door, but you need a special magatama to unlock and open it.

In the area adjacent to where Momoyo is locked in, you will find an elevator-like mechanism that can bring you up to the higher levels of this domain.

wdfr 021

Ride it to the room with the big door where you will place the three amulets you have collected.

wdfr 022

Before you can unlock the big door, you will have to defeat two enemies guarding it.

As you walk inside the room behind the big door, you will hear Fatui agents and skirmishers talking about how “The Teacher’s” plans are all his own and not with the consent of their Lord Arlecchino. They also speculate that if the plan to poison the lands of Watatsumi Island fails, they, the lower rank Fatui, will be blamed for it.

wdfr 023

Proceed to the room and defeat all the enemies so you can take the cell key that unlocks the cell where Momoyo is being held captive.

wdfr 024

Return to the cell and save Momoyo.

wdfr 025

When you get outside, Momoyo will tell you to inform Lyudochka that she is now safe and, as she heads to the Grand Narukami Shrine to get someone to pass a message to the Shuumatsuban.

Go to Yae Publishing House and look for Lyudochka.

She will not be around when you get there, so you have to ask Aratani, one of the Yae Publishing House employees, about Lyudochka’s whereabouts.

wdfr 026

Ms. Touyama, as Aratani knows Lyudochka as while working with the publishing house, already quit working as their proofreader and left a message for you if you ever go looking for her.

Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and tell Momoyo of Lyudochka’s decision.

Unsurprisingly, Momoyo already knows of this and will indirectly tell you to stop Lyudochka and convince her to stay at the Grand Narukami Shrine as a faithful shrine maiden.

wdfr 027

Go to Ritou’s harbor and look for Lyudochka. She will be on one of the boats in the area and is ready to sail away from Inazuma.

wdfr 028

After multiple attempts, Lyudochka will admit how she loved working as proofreader of the Yae Publishing House and as a shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine.

wdfr 029

She will then decide to stay in Inazuma and quickly head back to the shrine to thank Ms. Momoyo and Lady Yae Miko for taking her in.

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