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Diona, one of the few playable furry characters in Genshin Impact, is one of those selected to have their Hangout Event. This special story quest allows players to enjoy time with said characters and learn more about them.

Genshin Impact: Diona Hangout Event All Endings of Act I

Act I of Diona’s Hangout Event is titled “The Cat and the Cocktail,” which details her becoming a mixologist. This event has five endings, and we will guide you through them, so you do not have to guess which choice leads to what ending.

Act I: The Cat and the Cocktail

This hangout event starts with a rumor that there is a popular bartender at a bar called The Cat’s Tail. You should head to Mondstadt and talk to Nimrod, who will be standing by the stairs near the Adventurers’ Guild front desk.

At this point, you have not heard of The Cat’s Tail yet, and Nimrod will fill you in with the details of how they are renowned for their incredible specialty drinks and loads of cute kitties. After that, when you decide to check it out, Nimrod will have doubts about you drinking at your age but will shrug off the thought because Diona will be there to whip you up a non-alcoholic drink.

The next thing to do is go to The Cat’s Tail and talk to Diona. You will find her at the pub entrance complaining to Margaret—the boss of Cat’s Tail—about why adults love to drink so much.

Margaret will ask if you are there to visit The Cat’s Tail, and you will have the option to say you are there for the kitties or try some new specialty drinks.

Choosing to say that you visited the tavern for the cats will lead to endings 1 and 2. If you say that you visited the Cat’s Tail to try some new specialty drinks, you will take the route to endings 3, 4, and 5.

I’m Here for the Kitties: Endings 1 and 2

Diona is from the Katzlein bloodline and will not allow anyone to call her a kitty. She never liked cats, at least that is what she says. Since you chose to say you are there for the cats, Diona rants about how stubborn the cats are, and cat hair might end up in people’s drinks.

Unfortunately, based on Margaret, their cats have snuck out to play somewhere else, so you will not find them there at the moment. She will give Diona the task of bringing those kittens back to the tavern and asking you if you would like to go with Diona since you are there to see those little felines.

The three tavern cats that snuck are Roger, Nelson, and Paisley. Each has their personality and places that they like to be, and Diona knows them well.

Ending 1: Cat Party

Step 1: The first place to look is the town center since the three cats love to wander there. Talk to Diona outside of the Cat’s Tail.

No signs of the cats are found, but Diona has an idea, so you should listen to whatever she is about to say.

Step 2: Visit Marjorie at With Winds Comes Glory souvenir shop with Diona to fetch a new cat toy she recently ordered after Roger broke his.

Diona’s theory is that Roger snuck out because he no longer has a toy to play with.

Step 3: Diona will ask you to visit Sara at the Good Hunter because she always makes Nelson’s cat food.

Nelson is that cat who loves to eat but seems to weigh the lightest one of the three tavern cats.

Step 4: After getting the cat toy and cat food, Diona will suggest that you find Roger and Nelson first, then find Paisley later.

Step 5: Check the rooftops first because Roger likes to hit on high places so that you might find one of them.

Roger will be on the house’s roof behind With Winds Comes Glory.

Diona will stop you from approaching this cat when you find him because he might get startled and run away.

Step 6: Diona will ask you what item would be better to use to attract Roger, and your answer should be the cat toy.

Since Roger seems to have let his guard down waiting for someone to play with him, it is best to lure him with the toy.

When Diona talks about how the tavern’s customers like Roger, telling her that people visit primarily because of her cocktails will brighten her mood.

Step 7: Find Nelson near the blacksmith. Diona believes this cat is hanging around that area because she loves warm places and was once found in the bush next to the smithy.

You will find Nelson behind the furnace used by the smithy, feeling the warmth as he rests.

Diona will let you choose which item to prepare to give Nelson. This time, choose the cat food since Nelson is the cat who loves to eat.

When Diona talks about how Nelson gets the customer’s attention, you improve her mood by telling her that her specialty drinks are already attracting many customers for the Cat’s Tail.

Step 8: Visit the cathedral with Diona because, according to her, Paisley always sneaks out to go there.

Unlike the other two cats, Paisley is not fond of cat toys and cat food. All he wanted was to relax and do whatever floats his boat. You will find him under one of the arched pathways in front of the giant statue of the Anemo Archon, hanging out with other cats in the area.

Step 9: When Diona picks Paisley up, you will offer to do it instead. Diona will remind you how this cat does not like strangers.

Since Paisley ignored your call, Diona will attempt to pick the cat up. She will tell him to stay where he is, but Paisley will walk over to your Katzlein friend so she can easily pick him up.

Diona was particular about the materials needed for Roger’s cat toy and how durable it should be. She knows how Nelson is not very fond of people but will do anything when he smells some dried fish and how he does not ever stop eating once he starts. She also knows that Paisley does not interact with customers and prefers to play with other kitties. This means Diona cares for the cats at Cat’s Tail.

Step 10: When Diona wonders about how if the Cat’s Tail has more cats, she might not need to make drinks anymore, tell her that no one would ever know these cats if it were not for her specialty drinks.

Step 11: Return to the Cat’s Tail to bring all three cats back.

Margaret will then introduce Diona again to you as the bartender of the Cat’s Tail. Diona will then share her plans to take down Mondstadt’s wine industry to prevent people from getting drunk.

Diona will then make you a special drink as a reward for helping you fetch the three tavern kitties.

Ending 2: The Unfathomable Felines

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 9 of ending 1.

Step 2: When Diona wonders about how if the Cat’s Tail has more cats, she might not need to make drinks anymore, tell her that the idea of letting the customers pet the cats might make more money.

Diona will get irritated at the thought of what you said and will angrily tell you to bring the cats back to the tavern yourself.

I am Here to Try Some New Specialty Drinks: Endings 3, 4, and 5

When Margaret asks why you visited The Cat’s Tail, answering that you are there to try some new specialty drinks, you will unlock the route leading to endings 3, 4, and 5.

However, the tavern has recently lacked ingredients to make any drink. But since you seem to have traveled your way to getting a drink from the Cat’s Tail, Margaret will convince Diona to make you a special drink.

Diona will then decide to put in the effort and search for special ingredients she can use to make a special drink for you. But given the time constraints, she can only put together something that will make either the drink’s base or the flavoring more unique.

Ending 3: Diona’s Special

Step 1: Choose for Diona to make the base special on this part.

Step 2: Go with Diona to Dadaupa Gorge, where she would like to collect the ingredients to make the unique drink base.

The exact location is by the path northwest of Dadaupa Gorge, leading to the Temple of Lion domain. You can teleport to the Teleport Waypoint in the area and walk to the exact spot.

Diona chose this location based on a story she heard of someone discovering a type of drink inside the cooking pots of a hilichurl tribe that lived in Dadaupa Gorge.

Step 3: Go deep into Dadaupa Gorge until you get to a big tree with a hunter under it. Allan is a hunter who usually goes hunting with Diona’s father, Draff.

Diona will look for his father, thinking he is passed out drunk again and waiting for someone to drag him back to Springvale.

Draff rushed to the depths of Dadaupa Gorge by himself to get something from a hilichurl tribe.

Step 4: Accompany Diona in looking for her father in the depths of Dadaupa Gorge.

Since there are many monsters in the area you are heading to, Diona plans on sneaking by them to find Draff. She will ask for your plan, and you can choose to avoid the monsters or face and defeat them all.

Step 5: Go down the path that leads deep into Dadaupa Gorge.

Diona will mark several spots that lead forward if you avoid the monsters. You need to keep to the side of the road hiding around the bushes to avoid getting seen by the monsters.

If you choose to go and face all the monsters you come across, you will have to be prepared to fight. You can also just run past them even if you have alerted them all.

Step 6: On the path to the north of Dadaupa Gorger that leads to the camp of hilichurls, you will find Draff. Talk to him.

He is decidedly drunk and will be talking about soup or herbs. After seeing Diona, Draff will hand over his flask, saying that he has found the herbal soup stuff that his daughter wanted to get, and that is in the container.

To get her father home, Diona decides to sober her father up, but she will need certain ingredients to make something strong enough to kick her father’s drunken state away.

Step 7: Diona will consider the herbal soup made by the samachurls as ingredients to the antidote to alcohol. In this part, you can suggest using what Draff said he has found or get some of that herbal soup from the hilichurls yourself. Select the first option here.

Step 8: Ask Draff to check his flask so that Diona can use some of the herbal soup he collected.

Step 9: Wait for Diona to finish whipping up a concoction to sober Draff up. When the drink is ready, give it to Draff and wait for him to sober up.

Step 10: Now that Draff is no longer drunk, accompany him and Diona out of Dadaupa Gorge and return to where you met Allan.

Step 11: Draff and Allan will now return to Springvale. Since you and Diona still have some of the herbal soup from Draff’s flask, you should return to Mondstadt.

Step 12: Teleport to Mondstadt and meet with Diona at Cat’s Tail. Go with her inside the tavern so she can make the special drink for you.

Ending 4: “I… Only… Had… a Little…”

Step 1: Follow steps 1 to 6 of ending 3.

Step 2: Diona will consider the herbal soup made by the samachurls as ingredients to the antidote to alcohol. In this part, you can suggest using what Draff said he has found, or get some of that herbal soup from the hilichurls yourself. Select the second option here.

Step 3: You go to the hilichurl camp and get some herbal soup, while Diona stays behind to watch her father.

Step 4: Check all three cooking pots around the hilichurl tribe’s camp to see if any of it has the herbal soup that you need.

Step 5: After taking some of the samachurl herbal soup, return to where Diona and Draff are waiting.

Step 6: Diona realized it would only be delicious if she mixed the concoction and might not wake her father up. And so, she decided to let you do the mixing instead.

Step 7: Bring this weird drink to Draff and have him drink it.

Step 8: After Draff sobers up, head back to the area where you met Allan.

Step 9: Draff and Allan will now be heading back to Springvale, and since you have used up all the herbal soup you gathered, Diona decides to make your special drink some other time.

Ending 5: The Ultimate Special

In the part where Diona asks you if you would rather have her make a unique drink’s base of a special flavoring, you should select the latter to go to the route leading to ending 5.

Step 1: Follow Diona to see Blanche—the shopkeeper at Mondstadt General Goods—to check if her orders are ready for pickup.

Diona ordered 15 lizard tails, seven vials of butterfly dust, and a bottle of frog mucus. The first two are ready, but frog mucus has not arrived yet. These are the ingredients she plans to use to mix up new flavorings.

Step 2: Diona, however, will still need some fish scales and slime condensate, and so she will suggest that you search these last two ingredients in the wild. Meet Diona at the lake south of Springvale.

Step 3: Catch a few fresh fish from the lake as instructed by Diona. After doing so, bring them to her.

Diona will then instruct you to remove the scales from the fish and the mucus.

Step 4: Follow Diona to the next area and help her collect slime condensate. The location is near the Statue of the Seven – Anemo east of Dawn Winery.

You can teleport to the statue to easily get to the spot that Diona marked for you.

Step 5: Afraid of damaging her ingredients with her, Diona will ask you to defeat the slimes on her behalf and collect some slime condensate.

After defeating the large Anemo slimes, collect the condensate and hand it to Diona.

Step 6: When Diona shares how she is trying to find a way to make the most horrendous drink, you can tell her to try a different way of making drinks or ask how she usually makes drinks.

This conversation will lead to an idea of learning the methods of other professional bartenders and using the same ingredients but messing up the said methods to screw up the drink. Now, Diona will ask for your help finding a professional bartender to consult with.

Step 7: On your way back to Mondstadt, you will come across Connor, who happens to be a winemaker. Just the person you need at the moment.

Connor will share how he looks up to Diona’s special drinks, so you should suggest to Diona that this is her chance to ask a professional about mixing techniques.

Step 8: Follow Connor to the Dawn Winery where his mixing tools are so he can show you and Diona his mixing techniques.

Step 9: Inside the winery, Connor will suggest a drink mixing competition with Diona using the ingredients you collected earlier.

Another guy named Elzer will appear, and Connor will ask him to be the judge.

Diona will spill some tea about how Elzer has been showing up at Cat’s Tail, trying to convince her to collaborate with them.

Step 10: After Connor mixes his new drink, Diona will ask you to do the mixing first as she watches closely to see if there is any room for improvement.

Diona will remind you that you have to do everything opposite to how Connor mixed his drink for you to reach the goal of creating the most disgusting cocktail.

Step 11: Connor soaked the lizard tail in distilled alcohol for the mixing part and then added the alcohol to the Dandelion Wine.

To mess this up, choose to put the whole lizard tail directly into the Dandelion Wine.

Step 12: Next, Connor added a tiny portion of slime condensate into the drink, and to mess this up, you need to add all of the slime condensates.

Step 13: Connor did not add any of the butterfly dust and fish scales for the last part of the process. To mess the drink up, you need to add these last two ingredients.

Step 14: When it is an item to taste the unique drink, Connor and Elzer will hesitate to try it.

Diona will ask what you just made and observe if it is the most terrible cocktail she wanted.

Step 15: As Diona tries to make the drink worse than it already is by adding more of her weird ingredients and stirring it herself, the cocktail ends up tasting good.

Step 16: Diona will hand you a base for the drink and ask you to make another terrible drink based on her instructions.

First, you should put the entire lizard drink into the drink.

Next, you must add a large amount of slime condensate, stir, and let it settle for a bit.

Now, sprinkle some butterfly dust on top like how Diona did it.

Lastly, pour fish scales from the jar into the drink.

Step 17: After following the instructions, show this new drink to Diona.

Step 18: Diona is entirely satisfied with your new special drink. Now let Connor and Elzer taste this one again and see their reactions.

The two will find the drink bad, but when they start praising the drinks that Diona has been making, she will try to mess this new drink up even further.

But just like the other drink you made, her doing the mixing will transform the terrible drink into something that tastes good.

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