Genshin Impact: The Entrance to Tokoyo Quest Guide



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The world quest The Entrance to Tokoyo is part of the From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku quest series that allows you to get further inside Enkanomiya and explore the area. This is unlocked once to have released the seal over the main entrance to the region and completed The Still Water’s Flow world quest.

Genshin Impact: The Entrance to Tokoyo Quest Guide

After jumping into the pool at the center of Watatsumi Island, you will emerge into an underground cave that serves as a pathway that links Watatsumi Island and Enkanomiya.

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This area will be lurking with monsters you have not seen on the surface, at least not as of the writing of this post, which is version 2.4 of the game. These new monsters include the Primordial Bathysmal Vishaps and some Specters that are Cryo and Pyro elements.

When you go further deep into the cave, you will come across a huge arch door with symbols on its surface: the Key Sigils. Paimon will suggest scouting the area around the door and looking for something that you might need to activate this gate.

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Indeed, when you start exploring this part of the cave, you will find spots with candles in front of them, making it look like altars of some sort where there are candles lit and a symbol on the wall near it.

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The locations of these altars are marked on the map, but it is not that easy to navigate because the map itself is still locked.

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Locations of All Five Symbols

The closest Symbol will be on a rock below, just past the giant door.

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Be careful because right next to this rock are Cryo Specters, and since the cave has water everywhere, you might get frozen a lot and even knock out your characters.

When the coast is clear, get close to the altar and activate the symbol by interacting.

From where the first symbol altar is, go a little north up a cliff. Another symbol is marked on the wall. Go and activate it, too.

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Go back to the first altar for the third symbol and move a little further south. A bigger rock will have a few candle-like things on it, and a symbol is right on the wall.

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The third symbol is, turn around, look up to the rock pillar, and search for a small light. Go up to that light, and you will see the fourth symbol.

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The fifth symbol is located east of the last one. Walk over the rock arch or cliff and go down the area to see Ruin Sentinels. Right across it is where you can see the final symbol.

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You can avoid fighting the Ruin Sentinels by going around them not to have yourself detected by them.

When you have activated all five symbols, return to the giant door, and the symbols on it are now lit.

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Activating the Giant Gate

The next thing to do is activate the switch near the gate to open the next path that leads to the main entrance of Enkanomiya.

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For you to be able to get past the cave wall, you need to pass through the giant door or gate.

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If you try to go around it, the cave wall is still present, and you can not go further.

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There will be a path that looks like a ruin of a huge structure, and monsters like Hilichurls and Ruin Sentinels will be all over the place. You can ignore these creatures and proceed deep into the passageway.

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Continue forward until you get to a huge door with strange statues on its sides.

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On the right side of the door is a switch where you need to use the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep.

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This will open the last door and the main entrance to Enkanomiya and complete the quest.

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