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This world quest is about a boy who lives alone in a tiny little village above the Jakotsu Mines. As you learn his story, you will also learn about the area and Yashiori Island in general. This quest will also mention people or NPCs from which you can interact and have world quests.

Genshin Impact: Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away Quest Guide & Summary

1 – When you go near Jakotsu Mine, you will notice an exclamation mark that indicates a world quest that you can take. The NPC who will give you this quest is exactly located above the cavern of the mines.

Going to that exact spot will reveal that the quest will be given to you by a child named Chouji. He is a resident of the area who happens to be in the business of selling Jakotsu Crystals, which he claims are great materials for making weapons.

Chouji will offer 5 Crystals for 300,000 Mora, 15 Crystals for 900,000 Mora, and 30 Crystals for 1.8 million Mora. Of Course, this is overpriced, and since you do not plan on buying for that price, the kid will try to convince you of all the “risk premium” he claims to bring with the items.

During the discussion, you will find out that Chouji’s parents were miners of the Jakotsu Mines. The Jakutso Crystals were collected from here and then transported to the Shogunate in Tatarasuna. Chouji’s reason for such a high price is that adventurers like you can also get a hold of the “unblemished gems” that used to be exclusive to the Shogunate.

2 – Chouji will then ask for your help to collect Jakotsu Crystals so you can sell them with him and split the earnings. It is not a good deal, but he will convince you by telling you that you can have a chest full of treasure if you agree to gather the crystals.

3 – You will need to gather 12 chunks of Crystal Marrow and give them to Chouji.

After handing over the Crystal Marrows to the kid, he will tell you the treasure chest location he promised. The said item is located just a little south of where you are.

4 – The spot is a bush under a tree, and you need to dig in to get the treasure. Once done, you will only get an apple, so you return to Chouji and ask him why he tricked you.

5 – When confronting Chouji about why he tricked you, he will explain that due to the situation in their village and the mines themselves, they have become so poor and that the thing he gave you is all he has. Paimon will then lecture the kid about lying and tricking people but then offer to help him if he needs it.

6 – Rest until 11:00 – 14:00 the next day and talk to Chouji. You can change the in-game time via the Paimon menu, set it somewhere between 11 am and 2 pm, and talk to Chouji again.

7 – Chouji will request another batch of Crystal Marrow chunks, and when Paimon asks why he needs Mora so badly, he will promise to tell you his reasons after you fulfill his request.

8 – Gather 12 more chunks of Crystal Marrow and give them to Chouji.

9 – Give Chouji the Crystal Marrow chunks and ask him for his explanation. He will tell you that he wanted to leave Yashiori Island because people got sick and others had already left. He wants to leave somewhere safe and assure you not to worry about him or his parents. He will also ask you to follow him to his home, where you can continue talking about this matter.

10 – Meet Chouji in his house, which is in a tiny village just west of where you are currently at. He will be waiting in front of their home.

11 – Chouji will apologize for inviting you and forgetting to prepare something for you to eat. He said he only has Lavender Lemons and is used to eating but can not serve them to his guests. You will need to help him prepare a meal for all of you.

12 – Chouji will teach you how to make a Foreign Poultry dish, but first, he will ask you to gather some ingredients. You will need to get Flour (2), Fowl (4), and Bird Eggs (2).

13 – Bring the ingredients to Chouji, and he will teach you how to make the dish.

Chouji’s instructions:

First, you need to cut the Lavender Lemon and boil it in water.

Then, crack the eggs and beat them.

Next, put the Fowl on the chopping board and slice it down the middle into thick pieces. Then, marinate it for a while.

After that, dredge the sliced Fowl through the flour… if there is too much flour, remember to pat it off. Then coat the Fowl evenly using the beaten eggs.

Heat the oil – and don’t forget to use a chopstick to test the temperature. You will know it is ready once you see small bubbles from the chopstick.

Then, put the slices that have been wrapped in flour into the pan and deep fry them for three to four minutes. Turn the heat up until the skin turns golden, and then you can take them out.

Don’t overheat the oil, or else it’ll be overcooked. But if it is not hot enough, the oil will seep into the skin and make it soft, which will make it taste horrible.

Take the deep-fried Fowl out and put it on the paper to soak up the extra oil. Then cut it into strips.

Finally, decorate it with lavender melon, and add some homemade sauce.

You will then receive the recipe of the Imported Poultry dish, which you can learn by opening your inventory and double-clicking on the recipe item or going to a fire, entering the cooking screen, and understanding the dish from there.

14 – Go to the cauldron on the right side of Chouji’s house and light it up with fire to be able to start cooking.

15 – Cook at least 1 Imported Poultry and give it to Chouji. Again, you will need four fowls, three lavender melons, two flour, and two eggs to make the dish.

16 – Chouji will share how his mom used to cook the dish for him and that he would not get sick of eating it every day if it was his mom who cooked it.

The kid heard of a one round-trip route to Snezhnaya that is still open in Ritou and is hoping he still has a chance of taking it and leaving Yashiori Island for good. That is the reason why he wants to earn Mora so bad.

Chouji’s mom left when the villagers set up a tomb for his father. He and his mom believe that his father is still alive, and the reason his mother left was to look for his father. Chouji now plans on searching for his mom and would like to start on Yashiori Island. He wants to ask a doctor called Yasumoto, but he thinks the guy hates him because he always hides from him every time he sees him from a distance, Chouji claims.

After that, he plans on looking for his dad’s coworker called Mr. Kaji, who he heard is still on the island.

Chouji will also mention Washizu, the head of the Higi Village, who he claims used to be a very nice person but is now very strange. How he stares at Chouji’s house from a distance and how he talks to himself is scaring him.

16 – Chouji will tell you about a shrine where his mom used to go and pray for his dad. He would like you to visit that shrine and check if his mother left any messages for him. She would offer some Sakura Bloom petals there too.

Go to the shrine and investigate. It is located a little to the north of Chouji’s house, just behind the other house next to his.

The shrine is inside a thunder barrier, and to get past it, you will need an Electrogranum. Several meters opposite where the shrine is, you will find a Thunder Sakura bough where you can summon an Electrogranum.

17 – Go inside the barrier and check the shrine. You will notice that many Sacred Sakura petals lie scattered around this shrine-like someone intentionally did it. Perhaps it is Chouji’s mom’s offering to the shrine.

18 – Go back to Chouji and tell him what you found. Despite not finding any messages, Chouji seems fine. He will thank you for helping him the past few days and say his goodbyes, and you both wish each other a safe journey ahead.

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