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On the Stage, Behind the Stage is a world quest in Genshin Impact that occurs in Liyue Harbor. It is about the problem of a Storyteller regarding the stage he performs on in the Heyu Tea House. You are asked to help fix or rebuild the stage if you can convince the tea house boss to agree.

Genshin Impact: On the Stage, Behind the Stage Quest Guide

Quest Prerequisite

To unlock this quest, you must complete the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I – The Crane Returns on the Wind, Yun Jin’s first appearance in the game’s main story. Once this quest is available, when you visit the main district of Liyue Harbor, the quest will automatically appear in your quest window.

Quest Steps

Something seems troubling Tea Master Liu Su of Heyu Tea House…

Step 1: Talk to Liu Su.

Tea Master Liu Su does not seem to tell stories anymore, and what’s causing him to say this is the stage at the Heyu Tea House. He claims that the performance platform has been poorly maintained for decades, causing it to squeak at the slightest touch.

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When Liu Su told the story of “The Wrath of Haishan,” the stage would make that infernal squeak with every pose he would strike. It killed the mood, and everyone present burst out laughing, and some even made fun of the performer.

The issue has been reported to Fan Er’ye, the tea house owner, but he only said that he could not find a good carpenter to do the job. Liu Su decides he must bring an excellent carpenter to see Fan Er’ye so that he can no longer find other excuses not to have the stage replaced.

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Since you are connected with the Adventurers’ Guild, Tea Master Liu Su asks you to find a carpenter for him. He suggests you travel to Qince Village and look for Master Lu at Fanmu Carpenter’s, who is known for good skills, and ask him if he is willing to help Liu Su.

Any carpenter at Fanmu Carpenter’s can manage the job, and if they build it right, that means Heyu Tea House can finally have a befitting stage for Ms. Yun.

Step 2: Head to Qince Village and look for Master Lu.

Travel to the teleport waypoint in Qince Village and go down the hill until you get to the village entrance. On the right side of the stairs are two houses where you will find Master Lu.

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Step 3: Talk to Master Lu.

After explaining Liu Su’s request, Master Lu says it is not difficult to build a new stage, but he is afraid he can not help because Liyue is too far away and no one will take care of Fanmu Carpenter if he goes. He also said he is too old to travel far.

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However, since you traveled to the village, Master Lu would like to recommend someone he finds capable enough. He is talking about Dayu, who he is considering as an apprentice. Master Lu thinks that Dayu can handle Liu Su’s request.

Dayu arrived with Granny Ruoxin, Qince Village’s community leader, to help convince Master Lu to take Dayu in as his apprentice. After hearing of the request you are asking, Granny Ruoxin wondered how Fan Er’ye managed to never replace his tiny stage for so long.

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Dayu accepted the job but will still need time to finish building a chair in the set that he is doing. To make the work faster, he asks if you could help him gather a few materials for the chair, and he needs three pieces of Pine Wood and one Red Dye.

Step 4: Collect furniture materials.

You can hit pine trees to get a few Pine Woods, and for the Red Dye, you need to go to the Serenitea Pot and craft one. Once you have both materials, talk to Dayu again and hand them over.

Step 5: Give Dayu the materials he needs.

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Step 6: Wait for Dayu to complete building the chair.

After he finished making the chair, Dayu said his goodbyes to Master Lu and Granny Ruoxin. He then asks you to meet him in Liyue Harbor tomorrow evening.

Step 7: Wait until the following day (18:00 – 21:00)

Adjust the in-game time to somewhere between 6 and 9 in the evening of tomorrow.

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Step 8: Head to Heyu Tea House

When you arrive at the tea house, you find Liu Su and Fan Er’ye arguing, having Dayu is not able to start working yet. The older man who owns the place does not want the stage replaced despite its problems. Liu Su tried to convince him by explaining that if Er’ye did not want to spend a small sum of money on this stage, he would lose a big fortune in the future. If the Yun-Han Opera Troupe decides to perform elsewhere, that would be a huge loss to the Heyu Tea House.

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A few moments later, Yun Jin appeared and stepped in with the heated discussion. She tells Fan Er’ye how when she visited Granny Ruoxin, she asked about Heyu Tea House and that she said to her that everything was the same as when she was young. Yun Jin then offered to brew some tea for you all.

Step 9: Brew tea with Yun Jin.

As you are brewing tea with her, Yun Jin tells you and Liu Su the story behind the stage at Heyu Tea house.

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Fan Er’ye used to be an opera singer when he was young and often performed together with Granny Ruoxin. They would usually play a couple. Perhaps Er’ye wanted it to be real. But Granny Ruoxin had feelings for someone else. Later, she grew tired of stage performances and decided to go to Qince Village with the one she loved. But that person didn’t make it to Qince Village with Granny Ruoxin, leaving her to live alone in the village ever since.

Yun Jin can tell that Fan Er’ye still cares for Granny Ruoxin, and knowing that she often visits her, the older man asks about Granny from time to time. Fan Er’ye sees the stage as a symbol of their past and thus does not want to tear it down.

After knowing what the stage means to Fan Er’ye, Liu Su is about to give up, but Yun Jin has another plan to change the old boss’s mind. She asks Liu Su to tell her the story of “Ring of Raining Blades” to its very end.

Step 10: Talk to Fan Er’ye.

Now that you have finished the tea, it is time to talk to Fan Er’ye again. But this time, let Yun Jin do it.

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Yun Jin tells Fan Er’ye that when she met Granny Ruoxin on her last visit to Qince Village, she said: “Er’ye always loves to make things difficult for himself. I feel sad about it.”

Er’ye sighed at the thought that Granny Ruoxin truly understood him. But he thinks that she does not miss the old stage and that he is the only one who cannot let go. Fan Er’ye felt like a fool to be obsessed with the stage and agreed to have it rebuilt if you wanted.

Ms. Yun consoled the older man, saying it is a touching story to have kept the stage for so many years. She does not find it foolish, and the older man should not think of it that way. She then suggests rebuilding the stage without damaging what Er’ye wants to preserve in memory.

When Dayu showed the blueprint and explained how the stage would be rebuilt, Yun Jin suggested that the stage needed to be repaired instead of building something entirely new. Since the squeaky floor causes the problem, why not fix the floor first? Liu Su has no objection to these arrangements as long as the stage will not affect the performance.

Step 11: Go to the warehouse at the dock and obtain the wooden planks.

Since you do not need to buy planks for the repair, Fan Er’ye suggests you might find some at the docks and asks you to go looking for some in the area.

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The exact location is right next to the secretary of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, where you check and update your city’s reputation. You will have a few wooden planks among wooden crates.

Step 12: Give the planks to Dayu.

Once you find the planks, return to Heyu Tea House and hand the planks over to Dayu so he can start the repair work.

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After repairing the stage, Dayu asked for two meals’ worth of Mora as payment since he is new to the job. That would be 8,000 in total, but Fan Er’ye insists he can only offer 2,000 Mora. Liu Su explains that Er’ye has a “50-50” negotiation principle where 50% off first and then 50% off again, making it 75% off.

Dayu had no choice but to accept it and only asked to put in a good word for Fanmu Carpenter with the audience at Heyu Tea House.

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Yun Jin then asked a favor from Fan Er’ye. If people from the Yun-Han Opera Troupe ask about her whereabouts, Er’ye should tell them Ms.Yun visited Xingyan, and they did embroidery together.

Special Reward

After completing this world quest, you will receive the blueprint of Pear Orchard Stage: Yun-Han Style, which you can use to craft the particular furniture used in your Serenitea Pot.

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