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The “A Particularly Particular Author” is a world quest in Genshin Impact that is part of the Through the Mist quest series. It is a collection of successive missions that you need to unlock Tsurumi Island fully. It will also help you explore significant parts of the region while experiencing its stories and mysteries.

Genshin Impact: A Particularly Particular Author Quest Guide

Once this quest is available for you, when you talk to Katheryne in Inazuma City, she will mention a special commission that involves traveling to Tsurumi Island. The commission was posted by a novel writer named Sumida, who needs someone to help her gather an item that she will be using for the novel that she is currently writing. This item she needs is called the Maushiro, which she claims makes a particular sound and assumes that it is a musical instrument.

Sumida will ask you to go to Ritou because someone there will take you to the mysterious fog-shrouded island.

The person you need to find in Ritou is Kana, who will travel with you by boat to Tsurumi Island. Once you arrive on the island, he will tell you that he will not go further with you and will only be waiting by the shore to talk you back when you secure the Maushiro.

appa mata 1

The island is covered in thick fog, and roaming around the area will cause you to lose your way and then get you teleported back to the waypoint where you started. Paimon will remind you that you have to pass through a huge gate not to get lost in the fog.

appa gate

Doing so will slightly clear the fog, but it will not fully dissipate yet.

Just a couple of steps from the said gate, you will meet a mysterious young boy. Talk to him and ask him about the island.

appa ruu 1

He will tell you that the people on the island are preparing for a big ceremony to be performed for someone named Kapatcir and that he, the boy, is the star of the event this time.

appa 001

The boy, named Ruu, will ask you to follow him forward, where he will introduce you to his Big Sister Makiri and Big Brother Ipe.

The Perch

They will talk about maintaining the Perch nearby, saying that it is the keystone to the ceremony they are preparing for. The said tree is where the Great Thunderbird once descended, and maintaining it indicates their respect and worship towards the Great Thunderbird.

appa perch 000

As part of removing all foreign elements from the Perch, you need to touch it and look for feathers around it.

When the power of the Great Thunderbird accumulated within the Perch, it carried off foreign substances that infiltrated Tsurumi Island in the form of feathers. The fog will then purify those feathers.

appa 002

Thus, you need to help them find the scattered feathers and bring them back to the Perch.

After touching the Perch, three feathers will fly out from the tree. To know where they landed, you can use your Elemental Sight to track traces of elemental energy from those feathers.

appa feather

Once you have collected all three feathers, go back to the Perch and offer.

appa feather 1

This will allow the Perch to change from a dead leafless tree into a blossoming tree full of bluish leaves. The fog around the area will also be cleared in the process.

Ruu will leave to continue his preparations for the ceremony. The next thing to do is to go to the Moshiri Ceremonial Site by following the path heading west on the map.

The Ceremonial Site

appa ceremonial site

When you get to the ceremonial site, you will see several people who seem not to pay you any mind. If you talk to Mata, the guy at the center of the site, he will talk about three other Perches that need to have offerings and maintenance done.

appa 004

Therefore, your next mission is to find the three remaining Perches and perform the maintenance and offerings similar to what you just did.

There will not be any mention of the exact locations of the Perches, so you have to explore the island on your own and hope to come across the Perches.

Special Island Environmental Mechanic

Although there is no more fog covering the area, if you look at the map, the heavy mist will still accumulate and hinder your sight when you start traversing the available paths. You will get lost in it, and you will be teleported back to the ceremonial site.

appa 005

The trick here is to look for some small stone structure called Stormstones. These are ritual stones that residents of Tsurumi Island activate to prevent them from getting lost. You can activate them yourself by hitting them with Electro attacks.

The best way is to use Electro archer characters like Fischl and Kujou Sara so that you send Electro arrows to the Stormstones. This will activate the structures without going near them and risk getting lost in the mist.

All Perch Locations

Since Mata did not tell you the exact locations you need to go to, you are on your own. When you open the map, you will see that the fog has cleared except for three areas in most parts.

appa perch map

These are the locations you need to get to because you will find the three remaining Perches there.

North of Autake Plains

One of the Perches can be found north of Autake Plains. From the Moshiri Ceremonial Site, you can walk by the cliff overlooking Wakukau Shoal until you see a dirt path that leads west. That path will extend north past Autake Plains.

appa perch1 map

Go into the area covered by the fog on the map, and you will find the Perch there.

appa perch1 001

Feather Locations:

  • Below the cliff just behind the Perch
  • Near the dirt path you entered from. This feather will fly away at first touch moving further east. Before following it, summon an Electrogranum from the nearby Thunder Bough because there will be an active Thunder Barrier where the feather flew to.
  • The last feather can be found south of the Perch. It is on the roof of a Hilichurl outpost hut.

After collecting all three feathers, return to the Perch to offer. The Perch will grow leaves, and the fog around the area will be cleared.

app perch1 clear

Once this is done, Ruu will explain that due to the heavy mist engulfing the island, the residents use the Maushiro to tell others where they are, rather than hurting their throat from yelling. His grandfather also told him that the Maushiro is so important because it can help the souls of those lost in the fog find their way back home.

Shirikoro Peak

The next location of the Perch is the foggy area on the map further off Autake Plains.

appa perch2 map

It is inside a hollow mountain or an empty volcano. Aside from the fog, the area around the Perch is also filled with water.

appa perch2 01

When you touch the Perch, the feather will fly underwater.

Next to the Perch are three Seelie statues, and you have to find and lead three Seelies to these final resting places. This will drain the water that has flooded the area.

appa perch2 02
  • The first Seelie is the one you found when entering this hollow mountain.
  • The other one is on a large root that crawled up to the east side of the Perch.
  • The last Seelie can be found on the lower area on the west side of the Perch, next to Stormstone with a white light.

After the water has disappeared, you will easily find the three feathers near a cave opening. When you go near them, they will fly further into the cave.

Feather Locations:

You will need to solve two relay stone puzzles to open the round gates to the underground ruins in Shirikoro Peak and get the remaining feathers.

  • One feather will be left on the entrance as the other two disappear deeper into the cave.
  • The second feather is just right next to the round gate or door when it opens. There will be a Ruin Guard defending the entrance from intruders.
  • The last feather for this Perch will fly into another round door. Which will need you to solve another set of stone relay puzzles to remove the seal over the switch that opens it.

Once all three feathers have been gathered, return to the Perch to perform the offering procedure.

With the mist still present, you will probably find it difficult to find your way up. Remember that Stormstones and Thunder Boughs are present in the area. The Stormstones will give you enough light to see the elevated ground areas.

appa perch2 05

Make sure to summon an Electrogranum when you find the bough because it will also summon Thunder Spheres, which will make it easier to go back up. Much easier than trying to climb the roots and walls around you.

appa perch2 clear

After maintaining this Perch, Ruu will tell you that they have always stayed on the island because they believed that the fog protects them from the darkness outside and that their souls would be lost if they leave the fog.

Chirai Shrine

The third and last Perch is located in Chirai Shrine, east of Shirikoro Peak and north of Moshiri Ceremonial Site. If you find it hard to locate, look at the map and see the part where fog is still present.

appa perch3 map

Chirai Shrine is in a state of ruin, and the Perch itself is situated on a cliff way past the old wrecked structures.

appa perch3 01

From the shrine’s main gate or opening, you can follow the Stormstones with white light to navigate the foggy area.

appa perch3 02

The feathers for this Perch are not as difficult to locate as the other two Perches. They are just spread around the area, which you can locate by using your Elemental Sight or checking the map.

appa perch3 03

However, monsters will pop up in some locations, so be sure that your party lineup includes characters that can fight.

Feather Locations:

  • Inside a ruined structure south of the Perch.
  • West of the structure where you got the first feather and right on a stone relay puzzle.
  • From the second feather, go north and up a cliff and you will see the last feather. This one will fly away through a Phase Gate, to another cliff on the opposite side, and then down to the foot of the cliff where the Perch is situated.

Again, since you have collected all three feathers, you can now make offerings to this last Perch. You can return to the ceremonial site after the tree blooms and the heavy fog around the area dissipates.

appa perch3 clear

Upon returning to the Moshiri Ceremonial Site, the people who were once there are now nowhere to be found.

appa 006

Move to the center of the ceremonial site and investigate the item lying on the ground.

appa 007

You will find the Maushiro, the item that Sumida commissioned you to retrieve.

appa 008

Head back to where Mata is waiting for you so he can send you back to Narukami Island.

appa 009

Teleport to Inazuma City and find Sumida to give her the item she needed.

However, as you check your belongings, you can not seem to find the Maushiro. It seems that you have lost it on your way back to Ritou.

Unexpectedly, Sumida was not surprised and seemed to have expected it to happen.

appa 010

She has commissioned many adventurers and investigators to go to Tsurumi Island and retrieve a Maushiro. But every time, the item suddenly disappears as the person carrying it leaves the island.

appa 011

Sumida will then share her plan to contact and gather all the people she has commissioned to retrieve the Maushiro before. She will then ask you to give her time to prepare and then meet up with the others on the same spot the next day.

appa 012

Completing this quest will unlock the achievement “P—Paimon ate it….

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