How to Unlock the Perfectionist Achievement in Genshin Impact



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The achievement “Perfectionist” is one of the tricky accomplishments in the game. This particular one is part of the Snezhnaya Does Not Believe in Tears: Series I category. You must flawlessly complete all of Tsarevich’s commissions to unlock this achievement.

How to Unlock the Perfectionist Achievement in Genshin Impact

Tsarevich is a merchant from Snezhnaya who is doing business all over the seven nations. While making his way to Mondstadt for some trade, he got stuck in Dadaupa Gorge because the path is currently lurking with monsters, and due to the dangers, the Knights of Favonius are preventing him from passing through.

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The merchant will have tasks you can complete as a Daily Quest, meaning it can only be obtained randomly. For this reason, you need to log in every day to check if you have the commission on that day. 

Aside from this, Tsarevich has three tasks, but you can only do one for each commission instance. You need to remember the last task you chose to do and select the others the next time you have the commission available. Each task also has very specific instructions you must follow; if you fail, this will not be an actual completion of the task.

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The said Daily Commission is titled “Reliable Helper,” To know more about it, please read our guide for that quest.

Unlocking the Perfectionist achievement will grant you 5 Primogems.

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